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Press Release - Alton Police Department K9 Division

February 12, 2018


The Alton Board of Selectmen wish to announce the receipt of a grant from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation. The grant is for $5,000.00 and is to be used toward a new Alton Police Department K-9. This grant was made possible by the generous donation from the Robert and Susan Loker Fund.

Sadly, Alton Police K-9 “Syren” passed away recently. Upon hearing about Syren, the Robert and Susan Loker Fund, through the NH Charitable Foundation, generously donated this grant of $5,000 to the Alton Police Department so that a new K-9 may become part of the Alton Police Force.

Selectboard Chair Cydney Shapleigh expressed sincere thanks on behalf of the entire Board stating “The Board of Selectmen wish to thank the Robert and Susan Loker Fund Trustees for this generous gift and the NH Charitable Foundation for their support in this endeavor.”

Police Chief Ryan Heath stated “The Alton Police Department is very pleased to have received this grant. The money will be used toward finding a new K-9 for the Department. Searches have begun by our K-9 Officer, Chris Johnson”.

Town Administrator Elizabeth Dionne stated “The vacancy that Syren left needs to be filled not only for the Department, but for the residents and especially the children in Town. This grant will help Officer Johnson’s search come to fruition”.

At the January 22, 2018 Selectmen’s meeting, the Board of Selectmen voted to accept this generous gift. The Board thanks the Robert and Susan Loker Fund, the Fund Trustees, and the NH Charitable Foundation.

Contact: Elizabeth Dionne, Town Administrator
Contact number – 875-2113

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