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Fire Department East Station Well RFP

Request for Proposal
Fire Department East Station Well

The Alton Fire Department is seeking bids to replace the well at the East Fire Station. The bids will include a price for the complete project from drill to installation in the building. The winning bidder will be responsible for disposal and cleanup of all materials.

Proposals shall be mailed or hand delivered to the Town of Alton, Attn: Selectmen’s Office, 1 Monument Square, PO Box 659, Alton, NH 03809 in a sealed envelope clearly marked “East Station Well” Proposals must be received no later than May 14, 2021 at 12:00 PM with an opening date “to be determined”.

The bids will include the following or equivalent:

• Locating well location
• Cost per foot for drill
• Minimum of ½HP well pump
• Replacement of pressure tank
• Replacement of pressure switch
• Replacement of plumbing as needed
• Replacement of electrical components as needed
• Explanation of all warranties and cost of extended warranties

Insurance: The Contractor agrees to furnish and maintain during the period if the awarded contract, at its own cost, polices or insurance to the Town of Alton as follows:

1. The Town shall require all contractors, subcontractors and persons other than Town Officials who perform services to the Town to maintain insurance coverage’s in accordance with the following minimum amounts. Prior to start of any work, the Town must be furnished with an insurance certificate as proof that coverage’s are in place. Certificates shall be placed on file with the Finance Office. NOTE: Nothing in this Section shall be deemed to prohibit a Governing Body form requiring coverage amounts at a higher level, or imposing additional types of coverage as may be desired.
(a) General Liability $ 1,000,000.00

(b) Property Damage $ 500,000.00

(c) Personal Injury $ 500,000.00

(d) Automobile Liability $ 250,000.00

(e) Worker’s Compensation $ 250,000.00

2. A Certificate of insurance must be submitted with the sealed price proposal documents.

3. The Contractor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Town of Alton against any and all liability, claims and cost of whatsoever kind and nature for injury to any person or persons and for loss or damage to any property occurring in connection with or in any way connected to or arising out of the occupancy, use, service operations or performance of work in connection with this contract. The Town of Alton shall be named as an additional insured.

Payment for Services: The Contractor shall submit an invoice to the Town that will indicate completion. The Contractor will receive payment within thirty (30) days from date of invoice, provided all work has been satisfactorily completed.

Liquidated Damages: If the Contractor fails to perform the work in the manner specified by this agreement, the Town reserves the option to assess the Contractor daily for non-performance.

1. The Town will notify the Contractor of non-performance under this Agreement and will allow the Contractor (24) twenty-four hours to take corrective action.

2. If corrective action is not taken, the Town will notify the Contractor in writing of termination of this Agreement and will assess the Contractor a sum not to exceed $500.00 per day. Upon written termination to the Contractor the Agreement is void and the amount assessed for non-performance will be deducted from any amount due.

Town Funding Provisions: The funding necessary to discharge the on-going financial obligation of the Town under this Agreement shall be limited to each fiscal year and subject to the Budget Appropriation approved at each Town Meeting. This Agreement does not obligate the taxing power of the full faith and credit of the Town in the event the budgeted funds for this agreement are not funded by The Town of Alton.

Opt-Out Provision: The Town of Alton may terminate this contract at any time for any reason by giving at least thirty (30) days notice in writing to the contractor. If the contract is terminated by the Town of Alton, as provided herein, the contractor will be paid a fair payment as negotiated with the Town of Alton for the work completed and materials supplied as of the date of termination.

Bids will be mailed to:
Town of Alton
Attn: East Station Well
PO Box 659
Alton, NH

Bids must be received by noon on May 14, 2021. Bids will be opened at a later time.

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