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Active Telephone Scams and Call Spoofing Alert

On July 25, 2018, the Town of Alton became aware of caller ID spoofing and phishing happening in the local area. The perpetrators are using area code 603 and the Alton exchange number 875 on their caller ID when calling.

Some of the calls are pre-recorded automation seeking money by claiming to sell fake products or services. They are covering up their real phone number with numbers from Alton including those of the Alton Town Government.

Please be aware this is not the Town of Alton Government calling you.

If you receive a call from a 603-875 number, we encourage you not to give out any information.

The Town of Alton has filed a formal complaint with the FCC and we are keeping track of who receives a call and which 875 number is being used. If you receive calls like these, you are encouraged to contact the FCC at:

If you want to verify the legitimacy of a call you received or if you believe you are being spoofed or pranked, call the Alton Police Department at 603-875-0757.

Contact person: Joshua Monaco, Town of Alton, IT Director - Contact number – 603-507-1002

For more information about telephone call spoofing, visit the FCC's webpage dedicated to the topic:

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