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Master Plan Committee Survey and Volunteers

The Master Plan Committee has been hard at work updating the Master Plan Vision and Goals using your responses to this summer's survey, interviews with local leaders, data on current issues and trends, and the results of the All in For Alton project. The first two chapters (see Draft Vision and Goals link above) will guide the Committee's work on the rest of the Plan so we need to make sure we're on the right track. Click here to tell us what you think about the first draft of Vision and Goals.

Do you have an interest or expertise in Natural or Historic Resources or Town Facilities including transportation, recreation and IT? Do you have a flair for graphic design of documents? Are you a master proofreader? Would you be willing to donate a little time to help the Master Plan Committee? We welcome all volunteers regardless of how much or how little time you can give, whether for research, turning data into user-friendly narrative, participating in brainstorming sessions on policies and recommendations, or helping turn it all into an attractive user-friendly document. Click here to give us your contact info and tell us how you can help.

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