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Building Department

The Building Department provides the following functions and services. Please contact this department for questions regarding any of these issues or permits.


Interpretation and application of applicable Codes, Ordinances, and Regulations for the issuance of:

  • Building Permits for Residential and Non-Residential Construction
  • Electrical Permits for Residential and Non-Residential Construction
  • Plumbing Permits for Residential and Non-Residential Construction
  • Gas Piping Permits for Residential and Non-Residential Construction
  • Demolition Permits


  • Public outreach, education, and assistance regarding interpretation and application of Ordinances, Regulations and Codes
  • Field inspection as necessary and/or as required by applicable Codes
  • Inspection/Issuance of Certificates of Occupancy


The Alton Health Officer provides the following functions and services to residents of the Town of Alton. Contact this office for questions or concerns regarding these issues.


  • Enforcement of Public Health Laws
  • Septic Issues
  • Food contamination
  • Commercial establishments
  • Landlord-Tenant issues
  • Exterior physical conditions


  • Public outreach, education, and assistance regarding interpretation application of Housing Standards, Septic and Wells
  • Field inspection as necessary and/or as required
  • Inspections of Day Care establishments, Foster Homes and Schools as necessary


Complaints to the Health Officer are required to be filed in writing. You may obtain complaint forms at the Land Use Office. Complaint forms must be complete in order to be processed.

All construction must be in conformance with applicable Codes, Ordinances and Regulations including:

  • Local Zoning Ordinances
  • Site Plan and Subdivision Regulations
  • Local Building Codes:
    2009 International Building Code
    2009 International Residential Code
    2009 International mechanical Code
    2009 International Plumbing Code
    2009 NFPA 101 Life Safety Code
    2017 NFPA 70 National Electrical Code
  • NH State Public Health laws and ADA Guidelines
  • Other Pertinent Local Ordinances and Regulations
  • Pertinent NH RSAs

A permit is required for:

  • All construction regardless of cost or value - in addition to major projects, this includes: stairs and landings, decks, sheds, and installing doors or windows where structural changes are made
  • Whether the construction occurs on site or the structure is moved on to the site
  • Electrical work
  • Plumbing work
  • Gas Piping
  • Septic
  • Well
  • Demolishing or removing a structure
  • All signs
  • Above and in-ground pools

Cosmetic work such as installing or replacing exterior siding or roof shingles does not require a permit.

The following information is provided for your assistance. Please review the building or sign permit application form or contact the land use office with questions regarding your specific project.

Building, Plumbing, Electrical, Well, Septic, Driveway, Right of Way and Sign Permit Applications are available in the Building Department in the Town Hall. (875-2164)

Applications that are complete and in compliance with the Ordinances and Regulations are usually processed within 7 - 10 business days. Please contact the Building Official or his office within this period of time for verification of its issuance.

Application must be printed or typed and be complete and legible. Applicant or their agent is responsible to assure that all information in the application is correct.

Building Plans are required and all plans and construction must be in compliance with all State of NH Codes and Regulations as well as those adopted by the Town of Alton.

Permits expire if not substantially acted upon within 9 months or if construction activity ceases.

Applicant or their agent is required to call the Building Inspector for all required inspections (footings, foundation, framing, rough plumbing, gas piping, rough electrical, insulation and final).

A Plot Plan shall be included as part of the application. It shall be neatly drawn and include the following information.

  • North arrow
  • Boundaries of lot with dimensions in feet.
  • Setback distances from structures to all property lines. Please remember that the front setback is measured from your property line, not from the road. (In campgrounds and mobile home parks, indicate setback to nearest structures and roads on all sides from both the existing and proposed structure.)
  • Setback distances from all bodies of water and wetlands.
  • Names and locations of roads adjacent to lot.
  • Location of all driveways. Identify if existing or proposed. Driveway application must be completed for proposed new driveways and change of use or expansions of existing driveways.
  • Existing structures on lot: include septic system, drainage structures, wells and utilities.
  • Sketch all proposed structures and additions showing overall dimensions.
  • Height in feet of proposed construction.
  • Location of any wetlands, floodplain, streams, etc. on site.
  • Location of any on-site or adjacent cemeteries or burial sites
  • Any additional information that will adequately describe the proposed work

Failure to submit a completed Plot Plan will delay processing of your application. Plan must be in ink and legible.

Each permit issued includes a list of required inspections depending on the proposed project. It is the responsibility of the property owner or their agent to contact this office to request required inspections. Work that is completed without required inspections cannot be certified for the purpose of issuing a Certificate of Occupancy. Requests for inspections can usually be accommodated within one working day of receipt. If the Building Official has to re-inspect there will be a fee of $50.00.

Upon completion of the project and all required inspections in accordance with the approved permit, the Building Official will issue a Certificate of Occupancy (Residential) for the construction. The construction may be not occupied or utilized prior to the issuance of this document.

Building Department Forms and Applications

1 or 2 Family Residential Deck Details
Building Permit
Complaint Form
Construction and Demolition Debris for Recycling Flyer
Construction Inspection Schedule
Residential Energy Code Application
Environmental Fact Sheet
Minor Modification Form
NH 911 Form
No Permit Required Pamphlet
Sign Permit
Typical Wall Section
Well Testing Requirements
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