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DPW - Highway Division

The Public Works Director and Highway Foreman are responsible for this department and ensuring that the Town roads are maintained and safe. The crew maintains approximately 100 miles of roadways. They are also prepared to assist other Town departments as needed and in emergency situations. There is one Town mechanic on staff responsible for repairing and maintaining all Town vehicles. Driveway and Right of Way permits are also issued from our office.

This department is responsible for the repair and maintenance of Town paved and gravel roadways, sidewalks as well as culverts and catch basins. They are also responsible for snow and ice removal in the winter months and year round storm management.

Highway Crew:

  • Seth Garland - Public Works Director
  • Jack Housel - Highway Foreman
  • Josh Smart - Heavy Equipment Operator
  • John Vatalaro - Heavy Equipment Operator
  • Mel Lawrence - Light Equipment Operator
  • Aaron Lowell - Light Equipment Operator
  • Evan Lagrant - Light Equipment Operator
  • Molly Gillis - Light Equipment Operator
  • Matt Peetz - Light Equipment Operator
  • Keith Treadwell - Light Equipment Operator
  • Amelia Sweezey - Laborer

DPW - Grounds and Maintenance Division

The Public Works Director and Team Lead are responsible for this department. The crew is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of approximately 34 Town owned cemeteries, parks, properties and buildings. They also help with the setup and operation of special events such as Old Home Week, Light up the Night, elections and decorating for different holidays to name just a few. They ensure that everything is kept clean, mowed and maintained for the public’s use and safety.

Grounds and Maintenance Crew:

  • Bryan Berry - Team Lead
  • Ric Alden - Laborer
  • Artie Caissie - Laborer
  • Gaby O'Toole - Custodian


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