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  • Courtney Mitchell - Superintendent
  • Thomas Decowski - Assistant
  • Dominic Viscariello - Assistant

Alton Water Works is pleased to report that our drinking water is safe to drink, and meets or exceeds Federal and State Drinking Water standards, as specified by the 1996 Amendments to the Safe Drinking Water Act. To insure safe drinking water, the Water Works conducts monthly bacteria testing as required and a considerable number of other tests are also taken during the year.

Our water is pumped as ground water from two wells. One is located off Route 11 in Alton Bay behind the Levey Park and the second and newest well is at Jones Field.

The Alton Water Works was purchased by the town in 1921 for the sum of seventeen thousand five hundred dollars ($17,500.00). At the time water was being pumped from Lake Winnipesaukee. The first well was installed in 1938 on Route 140 next to the Alton Central Fire Station and pumps water at a rate of 160 gallons per minute. At that time the reservoir on Route 28 was built. The second well behind Levey Park was installed in 1968 and pumps at a rate of 300 gallons per minute. In April of 2004 the new well at Jones Field was put on line. This well can produce up to 500 gallons per minute. A lot of the original piping has been replaced but some is still in use in the Alton Bay area. Today the Alton Water Works supplies approximately 700 residential and commercial water services in the Alton, Alton Bay area and also supplies water to and maintains 55 fire hydrants.

Most residential and commercial services are billed by the quarter and nearly all are metered. Some property owners only use the service for the summer and have their services turned off and on upon request for an additional charge. The town seasonal lines are turned on approximately April 15, weather permitting, and turned off approximately October 15. These services are billed flat rate once per season.

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