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E9-1-1 Street Numbering Ordinance


A. To establish a uniform system of numbering primary buildings located in the Town of Alton.
B. To identify the locations and names of all streets and roads.
C. To promote efficiency in locating primary buildings.
D. To promote an expeditious emergency response system.
E. To provide a consistent system for mailing addresses.


All primary buildings within the corporate limits of the Town of Alton shall hereafter be identified by reference to the uniform numbering system as promulgated or amended by the Board of Selectmen.


A street numbering system has been developed for all primary buildings based upon the following process:

A. For purposes of establishing street numbers and street names, a street shall be considered any access, way, whether public or private, which serves any primary building or vacant lot.

1) All primary buildings on the left side of the street will have odd numbers.

2) All primary buildings on the right side of the street will have even numbers.
B. One number will be assigned to each fifty (50) foot interval of road frontage as measured from the starting point of each street as determined by the Town and NH E911.

C. If a primary building has several possible numbers due to extensive road frontage or frontage on more than one street or road, then the assigned number will be assigned based on driveway location. If a circle driveway, then numbers will be assigned to the first entrance in numerical order of street numbers.

D. If a driveway is shared by two properties, then each owner will display their number at the entrance to the driveway as detailed in Section IV B.2. The property located to the right, shall locate their number on the right entrance side and property located on the left, shall locate their number to the left side of the entrance.

E. Unused numbers will be held in reserve for future use to ensure against the need for re-numbering.

F. Duplexes, multi-family complexes, mobile home parks, shopping centers, malls, condominiums and cottage colonies shall be numbered according to a logical pattern and manner as assigned by the Land Use and Property Records Department. Sub-unit numbers will be assigned based on the physical layout of the complex; example being 14-1 or 14-A.

G. Corner lots shall be assigned the street number which corresponds to the street from which the access is obtained.

H. Street names shall be approved by the Board of Selectmen after consultation with other appropriate officials (Planning Board, Emergency Services, Highway Department, Postal Service, etc.) as needed.


A. All owners of primary buildings within the boundaries of the Town of Alton shall affix or cause to have affixed, the assigned street number (s) in accordance with this section.

B. All properties with the primary buildings shall display the assigned street numbers using reflective block style lettering (no written numbers).

1) For primary buildings readily visible from the street, and within 50' from the edge of the traveled way the number(s) shall be conspicuously displayed on that side of the building, which faces the street.

2) For primary buildings not readily visible from the street or more than 50 feet from the edge of the roadway, the assigned street number(s) shall be conspicuously displayed at the point of entry to the property, by either vehicular or foot traffic so as to be visible on a year round basis. The method of display at the point of entry shall be on both sides of a mailbox. However, if a mailbox is not located at the point of entry, property owners must then install a sign post, a minimum of 5 feet high at the point of entry, displaying the number, and set back approximately ten feet (10')to allow for visibility during the winter snow season.

3) Primary buildings accessed by a common driveway shall display the assigned street number(s) on the appropriate primary building.

4) All island properties shall display their numbers on their dock with reflective block-style lettering. If a common dock, then all numbers should be installed consecutively noting properties. Maps will be maintained for each island by the Police and Fire Departments.
C. All street numbers displayed on primary buildings shall be of a contrasting color to the means of support.

D. All street numbers displayed on primary buildings or property shall be at least three (3") inches in height, two and one-half (2 1/2") inches in width and shall be reflective block style lettering.

E. The property owner shall maintain visibility of their property number on a year round basis.


A. Whenever a primary building or occupied structure shall be erected or located in the Town of Alton, designated numbers shall be affixed upon said building as provided for by this ordinance. Prior to commencement of the construction of a new primary building, the assigned street number shall be temporarily posted so as to be clearly visible from the adjoining street. Temporary numbers may be used until permanent numbers are posted as required by Section IV, clearly visible. Temporary numbers shall be replaced as soon as practicable. The number will be assigned by the E911 staff upon referral by the Building Inspector at the issuance of the building permit. The E911 staff will assign the number within 30 days and update the data system for the maps.

B. New Subdivisions Rules: Every subdivision or site plan approved by the Planning Board will be assigned a street number or building number for each lot, unit, or structure as applicable. These numbers shall be reviewed and approved by the Board of Selectmen or designee as to conform to Section III of this ordinance.

C. In all cases, local Postal Officials, Assessing Office, Town Clerk, Police Department, Fire Department and Ambulance Service shall be advised of street numbers assigned to new subdivisions and structures. Property owners shall advise the Telephone Company and the Post Office.

D. The starting points for numbering of lots in new subdivisions shall be at the intersection of the centerline of the new road with the centerline of the existing road. The centerline stationing of the engineering plan for new subdivision roads will be used for measuring the 50' intervals. The intersection of the centerline of the driveway with the center line of the subdivision road will define the individual number of the lot.
1) If the subdivision road is a "loop road" (one with two entrances on an existing road), the entrance closest to the Alton Town Hall will be considered the starting point. The Planning Board shall require that driveways are to be located on the proposed plan in order that temporary numbers can be assigned. All new driveways will require a number post with a lot number to be placed at the driveway. The placing of this post will be a condition of the driveway permit. (See requirements for number posts).

2) Road Names in New Subdivision - Applicants of subdivisions with new roads shall submit to the Planning Board three possible names for each road in the subdivision.

3) The Land Use and Property Records Department shall circulate for comment the names as submitted by the subdivision applicant to the following persons or departments: Police Department, Fire Department, Town Clerk, Assessor, Planner, Code Official.

4) The Departments shall provide the Land Use and Property Records Department with their recommendations on the suitability of the submitted names. The Land Use and Property Records Department shall submit the recommendations of the departments to the Selectmen for final approval.


A. Any property owner who fails to comply with any provision of this ordinance within eight months of the mailing date of the Notification of Street Number Assignment shall be guilty of a violation of one hundred dollars ($100.00). A written warning will be issued by a Town official to all violators that will allow for 30 days to correct the violation prior to the start of any fine. Any non-compliance after the warning will be forwarded to the Police Department for judicial action by the Town.

B. Any property owner who shall affix or display upon a structure any number other than that assigned to or pursuant to this ordinance shall be guilty of a violation with a penalty of one hundred dollars ($100.00).

C. This section shall not apply to the display of "Date of Origin" numbers for historic buildings, provided they are displayed so as not to be confused with the assigned street number.


This ordinance shall be administered by the Board of Selectmen or its' designee.


A. Any property owner aggrieved by the implementation or administration of the provisions of this Ordinance may appeal to the Board of Selectmen within a thirty (30) day timeframe.

B. All appeals shall be in written form setting forth the basis for the appeal.

C. All appeals shall be acted upon in a timely manner


The above described Ordinance shall take effect immediately upon adoption by the Board of Selectmen. Adopted by the Board of Selectmen this 20th day of August, 2012.

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