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Twice a year, on April 1st, and November 12th the caretaker removes all previous seasonal decorations. If there are any items you would like to keep, please remove them before those dates.

The cemetery is open from April 1 - December 1 from dawn to dusk.

Please call for more information on scheduling a burial. Please note: burials are not held on Sundays or on holiday weekends (Friday through Monday).

Forms and Applications

Burial Authorization Form
Burial Lot Permission Form
Foundation Order Form
2023 Price List
2024 Price List
289:5 Cemetery Records


For every interment, the use of a cement liner of cement vault shall be mandatory.

The family or memorial monument company shall conform to the following regulations:

  • Not more than one upright monument shall be placed on any one plotted lot.
  • All monuments shall be set to conform to the plan of the Cemetery Trustees.
  • Any individual markers shall be set in the ground on cement foundation but must not project above ground level.
  • If corner markers are desired, the markers shall be placed at the four corners but must not project above ground level, under the direction of the Cemetery Caretaker.
  • No shrubs or plants shall be planted except under the supervision of the Cemetery Caretaker.
  • Ground maintenance of said lot would be under the supervision of and at the expense of the Town of Alton, Cemetery Trustees.
  • The placing of anchor wires, wires that protrude from the ground or wiring of any kind are not permitted.
  • The placing of boxes, shells, toys, metal, balloons, designs, ornaments, chairs, settees, loose stones, vases, and similar articles upon plots will not be permitted and if so, placed, the management reserves the right to remove them.
  • Driving any motor vehicle across of upon any grave, lot or lawn or parking the same thereon is prohibited.
  • No animals allowed in Cemetery.

Request for Flag Placement in Alton Cemetery

USA Flags are placed on Veterans Graves by the Town of Alton each year to honor our Veterans. Flags proudly fly Memorial Day through Veterans Day. Please click here to Request a Flag.

Claim for Standard Government Headstone or Marker:

VA Burial Benefits FAQ:

Application for United States Flag for Burial Purposes:

Guidelines for Purchasing a Burial Site

1. Sites can be pre-purchased with advance planning or purchased through the Alton Cemetery Department at the time of the burial. Please call 603-875-0202 or email- to schedule an appointment to select the burial site. Payment is by check or money order to “Town of Alton- Cemetery Department”;

2. With assistance from the Cemetery Sexton and consultation of the availability map, sites can be chosen in New Riverside Cemetery. Options include a niche for one or two cremations or a lot for one full burial and up to six cremations. Please see the price list for current costs.

3. Take time to think about your site and complete the final paperwork and payment.

Cemetery Interment Burial Prepayment Acknowledgement

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to be a resident to purchase a lot or niche?
No. The Cemetery does not have an Alton resident requirement.

2. How do I purchase a cemetery lot or niche?
Please see the tab- Guidelines for Planning a Service.

3. What is the cost to purchase a lot or niche?
Burial sites are available for purchase at the New Riverside Cemetery located on Suncook Valley Road/Rte. 28.

A lot can be purchased for $800- for sections 100-149- and will accommodate one full burial and up to six cremations. There are additional fees associated with the open and closing of the grave sites. Please see the Price List for current costs.

A niche, used for cremations and located in the Columbarium, can be purchased for $800 for one person and $1,000 for two people, and includes the open and closing costs. Please note that when purchasing an urn the dimensions of the niche is 12”H x 12”W x 14”D. If two people will be in the same niche the urns need to be half of the dimensions in order to fit correctly.

4. Can I pre-buy lots as part of pre-planning for a funeral? Can I install a headstone in advance?
Yes, to both.

5. How do I arrange for a burial?
Please see the tab- Guidelines for Purchasing a Burial Site.

6. What type of monument may I purchase to have set on my grave?
The design of monuments, markers, and stones must be approved by the Town before being placed. Forms and instructions for submitting a design may be obtained from the Cemetery Office. Only one upright monument shall be placed on any one plotted lot- maximum size is 42”W x 4”H. All upright monuments shall be set on a cement foundation. Individual markers shall be set in the ground and must not project above ground level. Corner markers if used shall be placed at the four corners but must not project above ground level. Benches are not allowed.

7. What type of plantings, flowers and decorations are permitted and when are they removed?

Flowers, plants or wreaths may be placed or planted within 12” in front of the headstone. Trees or shrubs of any description may not be planted on any lot, grave or property in any Town Cemetery. Benches are not allowed. Please remove items for retention on your own by April 15 and November 15. Seasonal items are removed by Cemetery staff in the spring and fall if withered or faded. Please do not place boxes, shells, toys, metal, wires, bark mulch, balloons, stones, vases, chairs, ornaments, pumpkins etc. on the site- these items may be discarded.

8. How do I find the location of someone buried in a cemetery?
Please contact the Cemetery Office to set up an appointment with the Cemetery Sexton at 603-875-6808 or and they will be able to assist you with your search.

9. When is the Cemetery Department open?
The Cemetery is open April 1-December 1. For assistance or to speak with the Sexton please call ahead to schedule an appointment at 603-875-6808 or email at Appointments are available year round.

10. I purchased a lot, but I decided I do not want to keep it. Can I sell it back to the Town?
Yes. You can sell the lot back to the Town at the original purchase price if none of the graves in the lot are occupied.

11. Can I bring my dog to the Cemetery to exercise or to visit?
Dogs are not allowed in the Cemetery. They must remain in your vehicle.

12. Can I do a Green Burial at the Alton Cemetery?
Green Burials are not permitted at this time in Town Cemeteries.

13. Can I do stone rubbings for a keepsake?
Stone rubbings are not permitted by RSA 289:22.

14. How do I get a Military Marker and/or USA flag placed on my grave?
Please see the tab- Veterans Resources for details on requesting a Military Marker and USA Flag provided by the Town of Alton.

Guidelines for Planning Service

The common practice when planning a service is to use a licensed Funeral Home that will assist in the navigation of the service details but if families are organizing the service on their own please consider the following:

1. Contact the Alton Cemetery Department to purchase the burial site, schedule the burial date and time, and complete the paperwork;
2. Contact clergy and arrange a meeting with them to discuss the plans and size of the service;
3. Schedule the service location (Church, Cemetery, Function Hall) and ensure there is ample parking for guests;
4. Schedule the reception location, and determine what kind of reception you are planning. Be mindful of the capacity for guests and parking;
5. Consider what amenities and details are needed at the service: tents for sun or rain; tables; chairs; flowers; military honors; recognition from organizations/clubs;
6. Consider inviting friends and family to assist with the planning arrangements, and to delegate responsibilities.

Helpful Resources

How to Write an Obituary

Find a Grave

Funeral Homes
Baker-Gagne Funeral Home: 603-569-1339
Peaslee Funeral Home: 603-755-3535
Wilkinson-Bean-Simoneau-Paquette Funeral Home: 603-524-4300

Monument Companies
Charlie Beattie: 603-528-4348
Perry Brothers Monuments: 603-225-6721
Stephen R Roy Monuments-Marker: 603-332-6545

Other Resources

What to do the first 24 hours of death

Funeral planning checklist

Notable Interments and Unique Headstones

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Lt. Colonel George Savage

Old Tom- the Horse

Charles H. Estes

Samuel E. Jones

William Rockwell Clough, Sr.

Harold S. Gilman

Frank C. Gilman

Jacob Chamberlain, Jr.

Unique Headstones

Ella J. Glidden

**Thank you to Marty Cornelissen for providing the historical data and cemetery photos.

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