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Twice a year, on April 1st, and November 12th the caretaker removes all previous seasonal decorations. If there are any items you would like to keep, please remove them before those dates.

The cemetery is open from April 1 - December 1 from dawn to dusk.

Please call for more information on scheduling a burial. Please note: burials are not held on Sundays or on holiday weekends (Friday through Monday).


For every interment, the use of a cement liner of cement vault shall be mandatory.

The family or memorial monument company shall conform to the following regulations:

  • Not more than one upright monument shall be placed on any one plotted lot.
  • All monuments shall be set to conform to the plan of the Cemetery Trustees.
  • Any individual markers shall be set in the ground on cement foundation but must not project above ground level.
  • If corner markers are desired, the markers shall be placed at the four corners but must not project above ground level, under the direction of the Cemetery Caretaker.
  • No shrubs or plants shall be planted except under the supervision of the Cemetery Caretaker.
  • Ground maintenance of said lot would be under the supervision of and at the expense of the Town of Alton, Cemetery Trustees.
  • The placing of anchor wires, wires that protrude from the ground or wiring of any kind are not permitted.
  • The placing of boxes, shells, toys, metal, balloons, designs, ornaments, chairs, settees, loose stones, vases, and similar articles upon plots will not be permitted and if so, placed, the management reserves the right to remove them.
  • Driving any motor vehicle across of upon any grave, lot or lawn or parking the same thereon is prohibited.
  • No animals allowed in Cemetery.

Forms and Applications

Burial Authorization Form
Burial Lot Permission Form
Foundation Order Form
Grave Prices with Open and Closing Costs
289:5 Cemetery Records
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