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You have reached the general contact page for the Town of Alton, New Hampshire. If you need to contact a specific town department, please locate that department in the list below. To call a department from your smartphone, simply tap the phone number and it will automatically open your default phone application with the desired phone number entered and ready to call. To email a department, tap the green email icon ( ) associated with the department you would like to email. Your smartphone's default email application will open with the recipient's email address already entered into a new email for you. You can also get directions to a department by tapping on the map icon ( ). This will open your smartphone's default map application, which may provide you with useful directions and location data relevant to the selected department.

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Town Hall

Main (603) 875-2161
Office of the Supervisors of the Check List (603) 875-2101
Tax Collector (603) 875-2101
Town Clerk (603) 875-2101
Assessing Secretary (603) 875-2167
Town Assessor (603) 875-0205
Land Use Secretary (603) 875-2162
Code Enforcement/Health Officer (603) 875-0107
Town Planner (603) 875-0108
Board Of Selectmen (603) 875-2161
Budget Committee Information (603) 875-2161
Deputy Finance Officer (603) 875-0204
Finance Officer (603) 875-0203
Information Technology (603) 507-1002
Town Administrator (603) 875-2113
Town Executive Secretary/Welfare Officer (603) 875-2113
Town Secretary/Deputy Welfare Officer (603) 875-0229

Cemetery Department

Caretaker (April - November) (603) 875-0202

Fire and Rescue Department

Fire Rescue Secretary (603) 875-0222

Highway Department

Highway Agent (603) 875-6808

Police Department

General Information (603) 875-0757

Solid Waste Center

Director and Information (603) 875-5801

Water Works

Supervisor and Information (603) 875-4200

Gilman Library

Librarian/Main Desk (603) 875-2550

Gilman Museum

Museum Consultant (603) 875-0201

Parks and Recreation - Grounds & Maintenance

Director and Information (603) 875-0109

State and Federal Contacts

President and Vice President of the United States of America

President Donald J. Trump (202)-456-1111
Vice President Mike Pence (202)-456-1111

U.S. Senators

Senator Maggie Hassan (603)-622-7979
Senator Jeanne Shaheen (603) 647-7500

Congressional Representatives

Representative Frank C. Guinta (603) 641-9536

Governor of the State of New Hampshire

Chris Sununu (603) 271-2121

District 1 Executive Councilor

Joseph D. Kenney (603) 271-3632

District 6 State Senator

James Gray (603) 271-3042

District 5 State Representatives

Peter R. Varney (603) 765-6380

District 8 State Representatives

Raymond Howard, Jr. (603) 875-4115
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