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Harold S. Gilman Museum

A Stereoptican complete with views of New Hampshire from the late 1890's, a working toy steam engine, a Regina music box, and a London Tall case clock from 1703 still striking the hour after 300 years are but a few of the treasures housed within the walls of this unique museum located in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. This varied collection offers insights into the domestic life of nineteenth century Americans and the business and family relationships of Alton families.

Upon Harold S. Gilman's death in 1967 his will bequeathed to the Town of Alton the collection of guns, furniture, dolls, buttons, toys and a unique collection of family papers and photographs that he and his wife Pearl had amassed over their 50 year marriage for the establishment of a Museum in the Town of Alton. In the ensuing years a Museum Committee appointed by the Board of Selectmen assumed the responsibility of organizing and conserving the extensive collections along with providing a secure environment in which to house and exhibit portions of the collection opening the present facility at the corner of Main Street and Route 140 in 1976.

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