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Social Services

Our mission is to provide interim assistance with basic needs for those who do not have the resources to meet these needs and encourage community involvement in addressing issues to help break the circle of poverty.

We provide interim, emergency assistance with basic needs for those unable to provide for themselves. Basic needs include shelter, food, medications, rent, utilities, etc. Assistance is issued in the form of vouchers for these items paid directly to a vendor. We will also refer you to other programs that will help you to meet these basic needs.

We do not issue food stamps, Medicaid or cash assistance. NH Department of Health and Human Services administers these programs. Please see The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services Official Website for more information on these programs.

Applications are available upon request in the Selectmen's Office at the Town Hall.

Ryan Heath, Welfare Director
Stacy Bailey, Welfare Officer
Shannon Hart, Deputy Welfare Officer

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Area Shelters

• Claremont (Schs) 542-3160 Singles & Families
• Concord (Friend’s Program) 228-1462 Families Only
• Concord (McKenna House) 228-3505 Singles Only
• Dover (My Friend’s Place) 749-3017 Singles & Families
• Franconia (Bancroft House) 823-8842 Single Females & Families
• Greenland (New Generations) 436-4989 Pregnant Women & New Mothers with Babies
• Keene Singles/Families Shelters 357-1654 Singles & Families
• Laconia (Carey House) 528-8086 OR 273-0238 Singles & Families
• Lancaster (Tyler Blain House) 788-2344 Singles & Families
• Manchester (Families In Transition) 627-2636 Families Only
• Manchester (New Horizons) 668-1877 Singles Only
• Nashua (Ash Street Shelter) 889-7770 (Days) or 883-1101 (Nights) Single Males & Families
• Nashua (Kinsley Street Shelter) 598-2544 Single Females & Families
• Nashua (Maple Arms Emergency Shelter) 882-5451 Singles & Families
• Plymouth (Bridge House, Inc) 536-7631 Singles & Families
• Portsmouth (Crossroads) 436-2218 Singles & Families

Registered Sex Offenders

PINE STREET INN (617) 892-9100 Singles Only
444 Harrison Avenue
Boston, MA 02118

Cold Weather Shelter

(opens mid-December)
First Congregational Church 225-5491 Singles Only
177 North Main Street
Concord, NH

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Apply for Town Assistance?

The best method is to call us at 603-875-2113. We can answer your questions and assess your situation and try to direct you to any other programs that will also be beneficial to you.

To apply for Town assistance, you can visit our office and get an application for assistance along with other forms that may be appropriate. (You can also print an application here) Once this application is completed, you will need to bring it into the Town Hall with the supporting documentation.

Included in your application will be a list of documentation that is required to accompany your request for assistance.

When should I apply?

If you are in need of shelter, rent, utilities, food, medical or burial expenses.

If you have received an eviction notice, apply immediately.

If you have received a shut off notice for Fuel/Electric/Gas, apply immediately.

What should I bring to my first appointment?

Proof of Identification
Photo ID, Birth Certificates, Social Security Cards for yourself and all family members

Proof of all sources of income/resources:
Employment, Social Security Income, Tax Refund or Tax return, child support, unemployment, workers compensation and any other source of income.

Proof of all resources:
Bank books, check book statements, IRAs, Certificates of Deposit, life insurance policies, etc

Proof of all expenses:
Rent (lease agreement or statement from your landlord; utility bills, phone bills, food receipts, tuition, prescriptions, insurance, auto repair and any other expense for the last four weeks.

Eviction notices or utilities disconnect notices.

State Programs Available

TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families): For custodial parents of children under age 18. Usually single parent household although cohesive family units may apply if minimal to no income and one parent either incapacitated or unemployed and receiving or eligible to receive, Unemployment Compensation Benefits. This is a cash grant program.

EAP (Emergency Assistance Program): If a client is deemed "potentially eligible" to receive TANF upon application, that person is also eligible to apply for EAP.

APTD (Aid to the Permanently and Totally Disabled): This is a State subsidy which sometimes supplements income from either SSDI or SSI (federal disability programs). Individuals in this program generally do not qualify for city assistance unless it is medically related.

MA (Medicaid): This is a medical insurance program. There are several different categories under which a person/household can receive Medicaid benefits.

ANB/OAA (Aid to Needy Blind & Old Age Assistance): Available to persons who are blind or legally blind with minimal income. Old Age Assistance is also available to individuals with little or no income.

FS (Food Stamps): This is a federally funded program administered by the State. Emergency Food Stamps may also be available.

Adult Protective Services

DCYF (Department of Children & Youth)

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