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Animal Control

Animal Control is reachable through the Alton Police Department (24/7). Please call Dispatch to contact our ACO.

Animal Control has the following duties: investigates violations of State and local Laws and Regulations relative to the control of dogs and other animals; assists the Code Official and Police Dept in the handling of animal rabies cases and dog bites; investigates citizen complaints regarding vicious or nuisance dogs.

The Town of Alton contracts with the NH Humane Society from year to year.

On apprehension of a dog at large, the ACO will attempt to return the dog to the owner. When the owner cannot be identified by it's Town Tag, the ACO then transports the impounded dog to the animal shelter. If a dog is found to be at large, vicious or a nuisance (as defined by our Town Ordinance), the owner may be given a verbal warning, a written warning or a Court Summons with fines ranging from $25 - $400.

Animal Control has the following pamphlets regarding the handling of domestic and wildlife animals available for your information:

You may obtain a copy of any of the above listed pamphlets during the Alton Police Dept business hours or by going to the Forms/Applications section of this web site.

Also, you can obtain a copy of the Town of Alton "Animal" Ordinance at the Alton Town Clerk's Office during business hours.

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