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Conservation Meeting

Thursday, April 14, 2022 - 6:00pm
Alton Town Hall
1 Monument Square
Alton, NH 03809


April 14th, 2022 at 6:00 P.M.

Members and others Present:
Gene Young, Chairman Dana Rhodes, Vice Chairman Earl Bagley
Russ Wilder Tom Diveny David Mank
Reuben Wentworth, Selectman’s Rep

Members Absent:

Call Meeting to Order:

Public Announcements:

Approval of Agenda:


Approval of Minutes:
March 24th, 2022

(Any permit or application that has been signed off by the Chair or Vice-Chair is entered here for the record, unless any Commissioner has questions or comments)

Planning Board/ZBA Department Head Review Agenda Items:
1) Sean Sicard, Agent for john Jeddrey, Owner- Special Exemption, Residential Rural (RR) zone. - A Special Exception is requested from Article 400, Section 401 D. 17. of the Zoning Ordinance to permit a Contractor’s Yard as defined in the Zoning Ordinance
- Signed by Gene Young 3/28/2022
2) Northam Survey, LLC, Agent for John Helie Life Estate, Owner - M 29 L 65 & 66 Old Wolfeboro Road - Lot Line Adjustment Residential Commercial (RC) Zone – Proposal to adjust lot lines for 2 lots of record, with map 29 lot 65 adjust from 0.6582 AC to 0.3789 AC, lot 66 adjusted from 0.2888 AC to 0.5681 AC.
- Signed by Gene Young 3/31/2022
3) SFC Engineering Partnership, Inc., Agent for Meadow Lark Holdings, LLC, Owners, NH Route 28/1439 Wolfeboro Hwy, M19 L8-2 – Final Major Site Plan Rural Zone – Proposal to add to the existing campground : 12 Seasonal RV Campsites, a bath house and a pavilion.

4) Norway Plans Associates, Inc., Agent for Kemper Land Holdings, LLC, Owner-67 Drew Hill Road M 19 L32 – Design review / Major site plan Rural Zone – Proposal to permit the construction of a 40’ x 60’ building and gravel parking area to be used as a Contractor’s Yard.
Standard Wetlands Dredge and Fill Applications:
1) Standard Dredge and Fill Wetlands – Alton Bay Christians Conference Center, 19 Winnie Ave (Lake Ave). M 34 L33- Applicant proposes a beach replenishment of 110 cubic yards of sand for the 8,800 square feet of beach along Rand Cove on Lake Winnipesauke. The proposed beach replenishment will take place within the footprint of two previously permitted beach replenishments (NHDES file #: 2006-02240 and 2015-00779).
2) Standard Dredge and Fill Wetlands - Ward Revocable Trust, 372 Rattlesnake Island, M77 L2 – Applicant proposes to abandon an existing dug-in boat basin, docks, & jetty accommodating one boat slip and provide a single family perched beach in the same location along the applicants frontage. The perched beach will be construction above and behind the original full lake elevation of 504.32. The perched beach access steps will be positioned behind the high water mark at the shoreline to provide access into the water (4’w steps), requiring only 2.5 sf (0.5 cuyds) of material to be relocated per Env-Wt. 307.14 (c) Rock removal for safe access to the lake bottom. The perched beach will impact only 28.9 linear feet along the shore and or 370 sf impact area. The perched beach will be constructed at a 0% grade, will be surrounded by rock retaining wall and will provide for grading upslope of the beach to prevent erosion to the resource. This project is classified as a Minor impact pursuant to Env-Wt. 51106 (b). Appropriate erosion controls shall be utilized.
3) Standard Dredge and Fill Wetlands – Town of Alton, Route 11 M34 L36 – The applicant proposes to restore and repair an existing retaining wall and an 11ft x 24ft section of wharf/deck along the western edge of Lake Winnipesaukee at the Town of Alton public docks park. The proposed action includes repairing, refacing or replacing 4,515 square feet (821 linear feet) of the existing wall and may require work in the wet. The wall has degraded near and below the ordinary high-water mark and to areas below the fall and winter lake drawdown level. The wharf/deck repair will result in 9.8 square feet of permanent impact for the replacement of the existing footings. Construction in the wet will be accomplished by the installation of a turbidity curtain, sandbags and dewatering within the proposed temporary impact areas. If water levels are low enough during the time construction is done (work can be done in the dry) silt fence or silt sock may be utilized. All water pumped from the construction area(s) will be discharged into a filter/dirt bag on adjacent vegetated uplands and will be located at least 25 feet from the edge of the lake. The town plans to conduct retaining wall restoration and repair work over a 5-year period as budget allows. It is anticipated that the most degraded (replacement and repair) sections will be repaired first followed by other areas that include refacing, repointing and deck/wharf repairs. The sandbag dams will only be in place during construction and repair for each wall section, thereby minimizing the time period of temporary impacts.
4) Standard Dredge and Fill Wetlands – Fellman, Rte. 11, Station 51 & 21- Applicant proposes to remove an existing dock, install a 4ft x 20ft seasonal walkway along shore to access a 6ft-6in x 4ft concrete anchoring pad on shore for support of a 4ft x 24ft seasonal dock. Repair an existing concrete footing at base of existing stairs.

Wetland Permit by Notification (PBN):
1) Wetlands PBN - Shibleys, 42 Mount Major Hwy, M34 L36-1 – Applicant proposes to repair existing crib and piling supported docks/decks “in-kind”. No change in size, location or configuration proposed.
- Signed by Dana Rhodes 4/5/2022
2) Wetlands PBN –Kimberly Scott, 74 Rustic Shores Road, M23 L12 – applicant proposes to replenish existing beach sand.
Minimum Impact Expedited Applications:
1) Expedited Minimum Impact (EXP) Wetlands Permit Application – Bonventre, 327 Trask Side Rd., M43 L30 – Applicant proposes to repair existing crib and pilling supported “U” shape dock “in-Kind”, no change in size, location or configuration. Repair lakeward face of rock “wall” along edge of existing patio, approximately 9 square feet impact. Mortar has failed and stonework requires repointing. At south end of patio, rocks stacked against the patio have fallen into the lake in the swim area of the beach. Proposed resetting of rocks will have no net impact. Refer to photos #6&7. Repair will maintain existing size, location and configuration. Install two seasonal watercraft lifts in legal slips. Install a 14ft x 30ft seasonal canopy in northerly slip.
- Signed by Dana Rhodes 3/29/2022
Shoreland Permit Applications:
1) Shoreland Permit Application – Tzianabos, Arthur & Kirsten, 20 Olive Street, M65 L62 – Applicant proposes to replace the existing nonconforming residence located 29.5’ from the shoreline with a new residence located 38.5’ from the shoreline. Living space will be located entirely outside of the waterfront buffer. A previous patio will be constructed along the east side of the residence. The existing driveway will be replaced by a new u-shaped driveway, consisting of both previous and impervious construction. A previous walkway will be installed between the driveway and residence. A new septic system will be installed.
2) Shoreland Permit Application – Ward Revocable Trust C/O Frank & Caroline Ward, Trustees, 372 Rattlesnake Island, M77 L2 – Applicant proposes to temporarily impact approximately 6,800 sf to construct a new 12’ x 16’ accessory structure, new effluent disposal system, new permeable patio and regrade an existing lawn area. There are no tree required to be removed within the waterfront segments to facilitate construction. There is an existing boat basin that is to be abandoned and replaced with a single family perched beach (separate wetlands app. has been submitted for this portion of the project). The new accessory building will equal approximately 235 sf and be placed approximately 84’ from the reference line behind the primary structure. Total impacts within the shoreland zone will equal 7,350 sf.
3) Shoreland Permit Application – 46 Rum Point, LLC, 46 Rum Point Road, M57 L16 – Applicant proposes the demolition of the existing dwelling and the construction of a new 5-bedroom dwelling with a driveway and walkways to be serviced by a private on-site well and septic system.

Shoreland Permit by Notification (PBN): None

Notification of Routine Roadway Maintenance Activities: None

Reoccurring/Unfinished Business & Projects:
1) Green Oak Realty- Excavation Application – 398 Suncook Valley Road, M5 L72
2) Monitoring-
3) Canoe & Kayak Access to Merrymeeting River-
4) Lake Lay Monitoring Program-
5) Natural Resource Inventory Update

New Business:
1) Public hearing for funding of SPNHF CE acquisition : Schedule

Notice of Intent to Cut Timber:
1) John W Matarozzo Jr. – Suncook Valley Road, M9 L6 & M9 L6-1
2) Jolly Holdings LLC – Chestnut Cove Road, M15 L15-13 & M15 L25
3) Albert & Beatrice Ciampoli – 43 Coffin Brook Road, M5 L 50

Commissioner Reports:

Chairman Report-
1) Alton Fire Department - Mill Pond
2) Hiking Trail – Charles Jones Estate, Frohock Brook Road, M10 L21
Vice Chair Report-

Member Reports-

1) Budgeted Expense Sheet/Bank Statements
2) NHDES RFMI Standard Dredge & Fill Wetlands: Higgins Family Trust, Dewitt Dr. M18 L29-5.
3) NHDES RFMI Shoreland: Naylor, Archie Ln. M40 L37.
4) NHDES State of NH Intra-dept. Communication: Reclassification of Sunset Lake Dam, #D006001. Modify from Significant to High Hazard Potential.
5) NHDES Approved Standard Dredge and Fill Wetlands Permit : Saba, Christine & Glenn, 21 Pumpkin Point, M51 L14
6) NHDES RFMI Shoreline: BMH Black Point LLC, C/O John Sartorelli Trustee, 13 Potvin Place, M44 L25.
7) NHDES Approved Standard Dredge and Fill Wetlands Permit: Richard Vito, 250 Damon Dr. M47 L1.
8) Amended Wetlands and Non-Site Specific Permit – William Midon, 62 Roger St. M54 L26
9) Administratively complete Expedited Minimum impact Wetlands- Joseph / Rebecca Bonventre, 327 Trask Side Rd. M43 L30.
10) NHDES RFMI Standard Dredge and Fill Wetlands Permit – Christopher Brown, 134 Smith Point Rd., M64 L14.

Date and Time of Next Meeting:
• Thursday April 28th, 2022 at 6:00pm


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