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Conservation Meeting

Thursday, April 28, 2022 - 6:00pm
Alton Town Hall
1 Monument Square
Alton, NH 03809


April 28th, 2022 at 6:00 P.M.

Members and others Present:
Gene Young, Chairman Dana Rhodes, Vice Chairman Earl Bagley
Russ Wilder Tom Diveny David Mank
Reuben Wentworth, Selectman’s Rep

Members Absent:

Call Meeting to Order:

Public Announcements:

Approval of Agenda:


Approval of Minutes:
April 14th, 2022

(Any permit or application that has been signed off by the Chair or Vice-Chair is entered here for the record, unless any Commissioner has questions or comments)

Planning Board/ZBA Department Head Review Agenda Items:
1) Northam Survey, Agent for Richard & lois Helie, Owners – Old Wolfeboro Rd. M29 L 65 & 66- Equitable Waiver of Dimension Residential Commercial Zone - An Equitable Waiver of Dimension is requested in Accordance with Article 500, section 540 B. of the Zoning Ordinance to provide Equitable Waiver relief for four (4) nonconforming structures.
2) Heidi Barton, Owner – New Durham Road, M9 L49-6 – Special Exception Residential Rural Zone – A Special Exception is requested to Article 300, Section 32 D. & F. of the Zoning Ordinance to permit replacement of one of the two existing houses on a lot in the residential Rural Zone.
3) Thomas Varney, P.E., Agent for Julie & Michael Harrison, Owners – Cascade Terrace, M39 L14 – Variance, Lakeshore residential Zone – A Variance is requested to Article 300, Section 327 A. of the Zoning Ordinance to permit the installation of an 8’ X 40’ shed that will be 3.5’ from the front/ROW property line along East Side Drive (Route 28A).

Standard Wetlands Dredge and Fill Applications:
1) Standard Dredge and Fill Wetlands Application – Mitchell, Nancy A – 196 Black Point Road. M44 L26 – Applicant proposes the repair or replacement of existing boathouse, dockage, breakwater and accessory structures. Work proposed shall be in-kind with no additional impact area proposed.

Wetland Permit by Notification (PBN):

Minimum Impact Expedited Applications:

Shoreland Permit Applications:
1) Shoreland Permit Application – Rousseau, Bradley and Ashley – 197 & 198 Trask Side Road, M 42 L 21&20 – Applicant proposes to replace the existing septic system and reconstruct / relocate an existing retaining wall.

Shoreland Permit by Notification (PBN): None

Notification of Routine Roadway Maintenance Activities: None

Reoccurring/Unfinished Business & Projects:
1) Green Oak Realty-
2) Monitoring-
3) Canoe & Kayak Access to Merrymeeting River-
4) Lake Lay Monitoring Program-
5) Natural Resource Inventory Update
6) West Property public hearing

New Business:

Notice of Intent to Cut Timber:
1) Lee Hillsgrove - Dudley Road, Map-2 Lot-13-2
2) Keller, David G &Lesley A 2015 Trust – 58 Youngtown Road, Map-8 Lot-6-1
3) Chester J Kania – 275 New Durham Rd., Map-9 Lot-32
4) Henry Kober – Powder Mill Road – Map-12 Lot-95

Commissioner Reports:

Chairman Report-

Vice Chair Report-

Member Reports-

1) NHDES Administrative Completeness Notice – Standard Dredge and Fill Wetlands- Town Of Alton, Route 11. M35 L36.
2) A better approach to conservation in Concord
3) NHDES Administratively Incomplete Standard Dredge and Fill Wetlands – Rte 11, Station 51 &21, M-N/A L-N/A
4) NHDES RFMI – Standard Dredge and Fill Application- MJG Living Trust & JMG Living Trust – 58 Rollins Rd. M62 L26
5) NHDES State of NH Intra-Department Communication- Reclassification of Sunset Lake Dam.

Date and Time of Next Meeting:
• Thursday May 12th, 2022 at 6:00pm

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