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Conservation Mtg.

Thursday, October 27, 2022 - 6:00pm
122 Main St.
Alton, NH 03809

October 27th, 2022 at 6:00 P.M.
Members and others Present:
Gene Young, Chairman Dana Rhodes, Vice Chairman Earl Bagley
Russ Wilder Tom Diveny David Mank
Reuben Wentworth, Selectman’s Rep
Members Absent:
Call Meeting to Order:
Public Announcements:
Approval of Agenda:
Approval of Minutes:
September 22, 2022 meeting
(Any permit or application that has been signed off by the Chair or Vice-Chair is entered here for the record, unless any Commissioner has questions or comments)

Planning Board/ZBA Department Head Review Agenda Items:
1) Case #Z22-22, 23 & 24, Prospect Mountain Survey, Agent for Dexter & Holly Brown, Owners - Map 5 Lot 6, 116 Stockbridge Corner Road - VARIANCES are requested from Article 400, Sections 452 A., B., & D. of the Zoning Ordinance to permit a Lot Line Adjustment (LLA), which will increase the size of an existing lot that is nonconforming for Area, Frontage, and Minimum Buildable Area (0.97ac/114.89’).
-Signed with no comment by Gene Young 9/28/2022
2) Case #P22-29,Christopher Pongratz, Agent (and Co-owner) for Kimberly A. Pongratz Rev. Living Trust, and New Hampshire 354, LLC, Owners - Map 53 Lots 3-2 & 3-3, Route 11D - Proposal: To adjust lot lines for two (2) lots of record, with Map 53 Lot 3-2 adjusted from 1.49AC to 1.52AC, and Lot 3-3 adjusted from 5.64AC to 5.61AC.
-Signed with no comment by Gene Young 10/12/2022
3) Case #P22-30, Prospect Mountain Survey, Agent for Michelle Lee Penland & Rosarie Jr. & Joanne Carter, and Daniel Philip Lang, Owners - Map 14 Lots 1-1 & 1-2, Jesus Valley Road - Proposal: To adjust lot lines for two (2) lots of record, with Map 14 Lot 1-1 adjusted from 50.97AC to 44.50AC, and Lot 1-2 adjusted from 15.64AC to 22.11AC.
Gene Young made the following comments, The figures on the survey map provided indicate that 5.00 acres of lot 1.1 has been withheld from Current Use (area before adjustment 50.97 acres less current use area before adjustment 45.97 acres = 5.00 acres). Area after adjustment 44.5 acres less current use area after adjustment 40.97 acres = 3.53 acres. Is it correct that the withheld area is being reduced?
- Signed by Gene Young 10/12/2022
4) Case #P22-31, Piperdube, LLC, Owner - Map 2 Lot 12, Suncook Valley Road - Proposal: To amend the site plan approval of March 15, 2022, by adding two (2) structures to the Self-Storage Facility, utilizing 1,100 s.f. of the Contractor’s Yard.
- Signed with no comment by Gene Young 10/12/2022

Standard Wetlands Dredge and Fill Applications:
1) Standard Dredge and Fill Wetlands Permit Application – Youngblood Realty Trust, 142 Black Point Road, M44 L50 – Applicant proposes to reconstruct / reconfigure and existing grandfathered “U” shape dock, install two 14ft X 30ft seasonal canopies and water craft lifts in legal slips and retain two PWC lifts.
Wetland Permit by Notification (PBN):
1) Wetlands Permit By Notification (PBN) – Sisman, Jay, 7 Loon Cove Road, M50 L14 – This Project proposes the repair and replacement of an existing concrete patio. The patio has fallen into disrepair. The patio will be repaired in place to make it safe and useable again. Other work is being conducted around the property and is being permitted under shoreline permit. It is the intent that a part of the area being permitted under shoreland will provide a construction access way to repair the patio.
2) Wetlands Permit by Notification (PBN) –Bossman, 203 Trask Side Road, M43 L23 – Make necessary repairs to (2) existing three piling ice clusters to protect an existing grandfathered “U” dock. Repairs to meet Env-Wt. 104.05 “Repair” and Emv-Wt. 513.24 (a)(2). Appropriate erosion controls to be utilized.
Minimum Impact Expedited Applications:
1) Minimum Impact (EXP) Wetlands Permit – Richard Callahan, 56 East Side Drive, M33 L24 – Drive New piling and replace the damaged and degraded finger docks and all decking where needed without any change to current size, shape and configuration or location.
Shoreland Permit Applications:
1) Shoreland Permit Application – Natasha Clews Gallaway, 56 Sleepers Island, M73 L15 – Applicant proposes to construct a new cottage on the lot with and existing cottage. Existing cottage to be converted into a shed. A new septic system and well are to be installed. Existiseptic for old cottage to be removed. Porous path to the lake to be constructed. Drip Eoges to be installed.
2) Shoreland Permit Application – Stephen & Joy Wallace, 62 Woodlands Road, M56 L3 – plan is to demolish the existing cottage and construct a new cottage further back from the lake. New septic system and well to be installed. Stormwater measures to be installed.
3) Shoreland Permit Application –Joseph and Janet Boccelli, 16 Interlaken Road, M63 L38 – The Project consists of raising the existing house and then excavate, form and pour a new concrete foundation for a new house over generally the existing footprint are of the existing structure. A 12’ X 37.5 deck / porch is proposed off the front of the new house. The proposed new house will be constructed approximately one foot further back from the reference line to make the structure more nearly conforming. The temporary impact area due to construction of the foundation will be 1,237sf. There will be a net increase of 1,185 sf in impervious area. Total impacts will be 2,422 sf.
Shoreland Permit by Notification (PBN): None
Notification of Routine Roadway Maintenance Activities: None
Reoccurring/Unfinished Business & Projects:
1) Lake Lay Monitoring Program
2) Property Monitoring – Review and approval reimbursement request
3) Green Oak Realty-
4) Natural Resource Inventory Update – Review and accept final NRI, approval invoice.
5) Gilman Pond
6) 2023 Budget
7) Conserved property signs - Review and approve sign quote
8) Future Conservation Opportunities
New Business:
1) Parks & Rec new committee. Discuss, send rep?
2) HMLA water sampling contribution
3) Invoice for the NH Association of Conservation Commissions (take out of line 4612-111) -Approve registrations for NHACC meeting
4) Receipt for 2022 NHACC Annual Meeting Registration
5) Belknap Range Conservation Coalition Membership Renewal
Notice of Intent to Cut Timber:
1) Van Kempen, Henricus J – Halls Hill Road Map 4 Lot 2-1
2) 156 Damon Drive Realty Trust, Iadarola, David & Christine Trustees– 156 Damon Drive
Commissioner Reports:
Chairman Report-
Vice Chair Report-
Member Reports-
1) September 2022 Actual & Budgeted Expenses
2) NHDES Notice of Past Violation – Robert Johnson , 484 Rattlesnake Island M79 L38
3) NHDES Letter of Deficiency, Keith & Susanna Payzant, 183 Sunset Shore Drive M70 L31
4) Incomplete Wetlands PBN, Lakeshore Realty Trust, 62 Temple Dr. M53 L3
5) Abutter Notification, Town of Alton – Shoreland Protection Application, 16 Interlaken Rd. M63 L38
6) Depot Street Lot, Owner: Gloria Cook.
7) 415 Coffin Brook Road – Annual Monitoring of the Conservation Easement
8) Email from Ms. Eley-Sigler, Camping on Land.

Date and Time of Next Meeting:
November 10th, 2022 6 P.M

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