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Conservation Mtg.

Thursday, November 10, 2022 - 6:00pm
122 Main St.
Alton, NH 03809


November 10th, 2022 at 6:00 P.M.

Gene Young, Chairman Dana Rhodes, Vice Chairman Earl Bagley
Russ Wilder Tom Diveny David Mank
Reuben Wentworth, Selectman’s Rep

Members Absent:
Others Present:
Call Meeting to Order:
Public Announcements:
Approval of Agenda:
Approval of Minutes:
Approval of the Minute for 10/27/2022 meeting

(Any permit or application that has been signed off by the Chair or Vice-Chair is entered here for the record, unless any Commissioner has questions or comments

Planning Board/ZBA Department Head Review Agenda Items:
Standard Wetlands Dredge and Fill Applications:
Wetland Permit by Notification (PBN):
Minimum Impact Expedited Applications:
Shoreland Permit Applications:
1) Shoreland Permit Application – Donovan Family Trust, 297 Trask Side Road, M43 L22 – The project proposes to remove the existing single family home and construct a new single family home to be serviced by onsite water and on-site septic.
2) Shoreland Permit Application – Casaccio Living Trust, Lisa M, 13 Virginia Court, M41-6 – the project proposes to construct addition to existing garage totaling 700sf. And a new garage, attached to the addition, 20X40 and 9” overhangs totaling 876.25 sq. Ft. Remove a portion of existing paved and replace with pervious pavement. Total project with temporary and permanent impacts equal 4,408.25 sq. ft.
3) Shoreland Permit Application – Shapiro Family Rev. Trust – Remove an existing shed and provide a new accessory structure (1,290 sf at OH) approximately 165’ from the lake behind the existing primary structure. The new accessory structure will use approximately 120 LF of storm water management drip edge/infiltration trenches to mitigate any potential erosions and help infiltrate storm water. In addition, provide and approximate 375 sf of permeable paver entrance to the proposed structure. Temporary impacts to facilitate the project will equal 1,970 sf o. total impacts within the protected shoreline to equal 3,635 sf.

Shoreland Permit by Notification (PBN): None
Notification of Routine Roadway Maintenance Activities: None
Reoccurring/Unfinished Business & Projects:
1) Lake Lay Monitoring Program
2) Property Monitoring –
- Town of Alton - Gontarz Marsh Fee, M1 L121
- David & Roberta Mank – Barbarossa CE, M5 L72-8
3) Green Oak Realty-
4) Natural Resource Inventory Update
5) Gilman Pond
6) 2023 Budget
7) Conserved property signs
8) Future Conservation Opportunities
New Business:
Notice of Intent to Cut Timber:
Commissioner Reports:
Chairman Report-
Vice Chair Report-
Member Reports-
1) NHDES Documented Violation-Richard & Elaine Peterson, 27 Indian Shore RD, M62 L9
2) NHDES RFMI – Natasha Clews Gallaway, 56 Sleepers Island M73 L15
3) Watermark Marine Construction Letter to NHDES, Gambino Property M62 L26
4) NHDES Closed File: No Conclusive Evidence of Violation of RSA 483-B – Jay & Lynne Turmel, Mauhaut Shores Rd, M62 L1-9
5) NHDES Reported Alleged Violation – Joseph Byrne, 23 Riverlake St. M32 L31
6) Abutter Notice – Z22-25 Young/ Rollins Family Trust, M15 L31B Drew Hill Road
Date and Time of Next Meeting:
- December 8th, 2022 6 P.M

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