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Conservation Mtg.

Thursday, March 9, 2023 - 6:00pm

March 9th, 2023 6 P.M.
Gene Young, Chairman Dana Rhodes, Vice Chairman Earl Bagley
Russ Wilder Tom Diveny David Mank
Reuben Wentworth, Selectman’s Rep
Others Present:
Members Absent:
Call Meeting to Order:
Public Announcements:
Approval of Agenda:
Approval of Minutes:
Presentations and Consultations:
(Any permit or application that has been signed off by the Chair or Vice-Chair is
entered here for the record, unless any Commissioner has questions or comments)
Planning Board/ZBA Department Head Review Agenda Items:
1) Z23-01-Beckwith Builders, Inc., Agent for Marvin Family 3012 Trust, Kim Marvin & Eric Baroyan, Trustees-Map 81 Lot 17-4 Little Barndoor Island, Special Exception, Lakeshore Residential (LR) Zone- A Special Exception is requested from Article 300, Section 360.B of the Zoning Ordinance to permit a proposed boathouse to be a non-habitable structure as the principal building on a lot.
No comments or concerns. Signed by Gene Young 2/17/2023
2) Z23-03-Luke & Amanda Walters, Ira & Melody Lacey, owners, Map 12 Lot 67-6,285 Powder Mill Road, Variance, Rural(R) Zone- A Variance is requested from Article 400, Section 401.A.3 of the Zoning Ordinance to permit an addition to the existing Single Family Dwelling to create a Two-Family/Duplex Dwelling.
No comments or concerns. Signed by Gene Young 2/17/2023
3) Z23-04-TF Moran, Inc., Agent for Jayna B Stevens Revocable Trust, Jayna B Stevens, Trustee, Map 61 Lot 15, 57 Indian Shore Road, Special Exception, Lakeshore Residential (LR) Zone - A Special Exception is requested from Article 327, Section A.1 of the Zoning Ordinance to permit the replacement of an existing non-conforming 3-bedroom single family residence located within the Shore front setback with a new 3-bedroom single family residence set further back within the Shore front setback
4) P23-08-Land Tech, Agent for John Jeddrey Jr., Owner, Map 16 Lot 18-1, 1517 Wolfeboro Hwy, Site Plan Review/Minor, Rural (RU) Zone- Site Plan for Contractor’s Yard.
5) P23-09- Norway Plains Associates, Inc.,Agent for Shaina & Daniel Lauren, Owner- Map 8 Lot 28,Frank C Gilman Hwy/ NH RT 140- Final Subdivision/Minor
Residential Rural (RR) Zone- Proposal: To subdivide Lot 28 into two lots of 7.546 & 3.479 acres each.
Wetland Permit by Notification (PBN):
Minimum Impact Expedited Applications:
Standard Wetlands Dredge and Fill Applications:
1) Standard Dredge and Fill Wetlands Permit Application – Lincoln, 102 Echo Point Road, M 41 L24 – Applicant proposes to make necessary repairs to an existing crib supported dock (210.3sf) and necessary repairs to a section of 42 linear feet of concrete retaining wall “in-the-dry” (42 sf and 90 sf temporary impact). Utilize a temporary coffer dam pursuant to Env-Wt. 526.06(f) to perform the work in the dry. Surround work area with turbidity curtain. Minimum impact pursuant to Env-Wt. 514.07 (a) (3) and Env-wt. 526.06(f).
2) Standard Dredge and Fill Wetlands Permit Application – Timothy & Stephanie Erickson, 142 Sleeper Island , M74 L23 – The work proposed will include the replacement of the current temporary seasonal 4-foot aluminum frame dock with two 6-foot by 40-foot aluminum truss frame crank up docks. The amount of boat traffic and wave action on the property necessitate a more stable and semi-permanent docking structure. The two crank up docks will be anchored to the shore using the large glacial boulders on the shore and hinged base plate. The boulders are of such a size that a man-made concrete slab anchor is not required for our location and installation. Per discussion with contractor Ambrose Marine. The two 30-foot docks will be connected using a 6-foot by 24-foot deck platform on the shoreline to create a 12-foot side slip in between the two docks. A large rock provides a current navigational hazard therefore the docking systems will be oriented to ensure the rock resides beneath the dock to provide safe docking on the property. The docks will be lifted from the lake in the fall before ice in and lowered in the springtime after ice out on the lake.
3) Standard Dredge and Fill Wetlands Permit Application – Town of Alton, Eastside Drive, M333 L84 – The Town of Alton is proposing to replenish the sand within the public, Alton Town Beach. The existing beach is a 6,900 sq. ft. public beach located along Lake Winnipesaukee in Alton Bay. The beach has not been replenished since its installation in 2005. The Town of Alton is proposing to replenish the beach with 30 cubic yards of sand. The sand replenishment will be concentrated in areas of need, with all sand being installed above the reference line within the perched beach area.
4) Standard Dredge and Fill Wetlands Permit Application - Tarney, 162 Spring Street, M38 L9 – Request repair of previously approved 6ft X 24ft permanent dock, request a 3’ seasonal extension for total length of 27’.
Shoreland Permit by Notification (SPBN):
Shoreland Permit Applications:
1) Shoreland Permit Application – Diane Dow, 125 Sunset Shore Drive, M70 L13 – Plan is to add a garage to an existing home. A new state approved septic system will be installed. Storm water measures will be installed.
2) Shoreland Permit Application – Richard Nickerson, 21 Loud Rd, M48 L34 – Construct addition to existing house. Construct a new effluent disposal system, modify an existing driveway, remove existing garage within the woodland buffer.
3) Shoreland Permit Application – Jill & Peter Miltner, Alton Shores Road, M 71 L36 – Plan is to build a house on a vacant lot. There is an existing drilled well on the lot. A state approved septic will be installed. Stormwater measures will be installed.
4) Shoreland Permit Application – Paul & Celia Cote Rev Trust c/o Paul & Celia Cote, Trustees, 714 Rattlesnake Island, M 79 L1 – Temporarily impact 3,007 sf within the shoreland zone to install a new accessory building (bunkhouse) 72’ from the lake, behind primary structure and install new septic system.

Notification of Routine Roadway Maintenance Activities:
Reoccurring/Unfinished Business & Projects:
1) Lake Lay Monitoring Program
2) Property Monitoring and Reports
3) Green Oak Realty
4) Natural Resources Inventory Update
5) Gilman pond Management Plan
6) Budget
7) Conserved property signs
• N.H Correctional Industries Invoice
8) Future conservation opportunities
New Business:
Commissioner Reports:
Chairman Report-
Vice Chair Report-
Member Reports-
Notice of Intent to Cut Timber:
1) New England Forestry Foundation, Henry Wilson Highway, M6 L44
1) Response to NHDES RFMI – Gale Mender, 780 Rattlesnake Island, M78 L7
2) NHDES RFMI 995 Suncook Valley Rd, M22 L11
3) NHDES Reported Alleged Violation – Across Street, M50 L1
4) NHDES Administrative Completeness Notice- Standard Dredge and Fill Wetlands Permit Application- Town of Alton, East Side Drive, M33 L84
5) "Keep NH Green" Environmental Summit
6) Intent to cut extension request – Land of New England Forestry Foundation, M6 L44
Date and time of next meeting:
March 23rd 6 P.M.

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