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Budget Committee


The Budget Committee meets every year starting in November through January to recommend and review the Town and School budgets. The committee members are elected and operate under RSA 32 Municipal Budget Law. They are composed of 7 members, which includes an ex-officio from the School Board and the Board of Selectmen.


  • Patrick O'Brien - Chairman
  • David Hershey - Vice Chairman
  • Elizabeth Varney - Member
  • Roger F. Nelson - Member
  • Bob Holt - Member
  • Brock Mitchell - Selectmen's Representative
  • Bob Holt - Selectmen's Representative (Alternate)
  • Kristi Hikel - School Board Representative
  • Peter Leavitt - School Board Representative (Alternate)

If anyone has any questions, concerning the Budget Committee, they can contact the Town Hall at the number listed above.

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