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Conservation Commission

The role of the Conservation Commission, as defined by State Statute, is to ensure the protection and proper utilization of the natural resources in the Town, including the Town's watershed resources. The Commission makes site visits to provide advice regarding compliance with state laws and regulations that pertain to natural resources. The Commission also reviews and comments on all dredge and fill applications, permits by notification, minimum impact expedited, after-the-fact permits. The Commission makes site visits and reports to the NH Dept. of Environmental Services (NHDES) when they become aware of violations of state law and regulations or if the Commission has concerns about certain activities.


The Conservation Commission is comprised of seven regular members who are appointed by the Board of Selectmen and includes a representative from the Board of Selectmen. The Commission meets twice a month on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month at 6 p.m. in the Alton Town Hall. Items to be considered on their agenda must be received by the Town Clerk one week prior to the meeting date.


  • Gene Young - Chairman
  • Earl Bagley - Vice Chairman
  • Russ Wilder - Member
  • Bob Doyle - Member
  • Quinn Golden - Member
  • Virgil MacDonald - Selectmen's Representative

Merrymeeting River Cyanobacteria Initiative

Associated Files

Merrymeeting LLRM Report
Interpretation of LLRM Report
Merrymeeting River & Lake
Watershed Management Plan
2019 Water Quality Testing in the Merrymeeting Watershed
Assessment of Chlorophyll-a and Phosphorus
in New Hampshire Lakes
for Nutrient Criteria Development
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