Town of Alton

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Town Administration

The Alton Administrative Offices include the Town Administrator, Executive Secretary, Welfare (Social Services), Finance Office, Human Resources and Information Technology. They provide support to the daily services of the town. They are always available to answer your questions or address your concerns, all input is welcome.


Elizabeth Dionne
Town Administrator

Phone: (603) 875-2113
Fax (603) 651-0732

Mary Jarvis
Executive Secretary/Welfare Officer
Justice of the Peace/Notary Public

Phone: (603) 875-2113
Fax (603) 651-0732

Stacy Bailey
Secretary/Deputy Welfare Officer

Phone: (603) 875-0229

Paulette Wentworth
Finance | HR Manager

Phone: (603) 875-0203

Joanne Legere
Deputy Finance Officer

Phone: (603) 875-0204
Fax (603) 651-0732

Joshua Monaco
IT Coordinator - Website

Phone: (603) 507-1002

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