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Planning Board Meeting

Tuesday, March 21, 2017 - 6:00pm

Call to Order

Approval of Agenda

Election of Planning Board Officers

Public Input Session on the Proposed Revised Town of Alton Excavation Regulations

Time Extension

1. P10-20, Map 26 Lot 10-1, Time Extension
Mark C. Sargent, LLS, Agent for Bahre Alton Properties
Residential Commercial (RC), East Side Drive

On behalf of the applicant, Mark C. Sargent, LLS, of Richard D. Bartlett & Associates, LLC, is requesting a one-year extension to the site plan approval.

Completeness Review of Application and Public Hearing if Application is Accepted as Complete

1. P17-03, Map 58 Lots 7 & 5-18, Lot Line Adjustment
Bryan L. Bailey, LLS, agent for Christine L. & Barry J. Williams, Trustees; and Daniel O. & Lanie (Elana) Colao, Trustees
Lakeshore Residential (LR) Zone, 54 & 56 Timber Ridge Road

Proposal: to show a lot line adjustment of Parcel “B” being 2,000 s.f. from Map 58, Lot 5-18, to Map 58, Lot 7, and Parcel “C” being 2,000 s.f. from Map 58, Lot 7, to Map 58, Lot 5-18. There is a no net change in the overall area of either lot.

2. P17-05, Map 11 Lot 5 & Map 34 Lots 11 & 14, Lot Line Adjustment
Jeffrey L. Green, LLS, agent for Alton Bay Campmeeting Assoc. & Martin & Cathy Williams
Rural Residential (RR) & Residential (R), Rand Hill Road

Proposal: to merge Map 34, Lot 11, with Map 34, Lot 14, thus eliminating Lot 11. Also to annex a portion of Map 11, Lot 5, Parcel “a”, to Map 34, Lot 14. Parcel “a” is not to be considered a separate lot.

Conceptual Consultation

1. P17-04, Map 6 Lot 42, Conceptual Consultation
Randy Tetreault, LLS, Norway Plain Assoc., Inc. agent for Andrew and Susan Morse
Rural (RU), Stockbridge Corner Road

The owners are proposing to subdivide their lot into three lots. The owners want to discuss the construction sequencing and approval process of the two (2)-bridge crossing.

Voluntary Merger

1. P17-06, Map 10 Lots 16-5 thru 16-10 & 16-14 thru 16-16, Voluntary Merger
Sedlari Construction, LLC, Rural (RU), Sedlari Way/Alton Mtn. Rd.

Proposal: to merge pre-existing lots on Map 10, Lots 16-5 thru 16-10 and Lots 16-14 thru 16-16.

Other Business:

1. Old Business:

a. Discussion RE: Sedlari Way, continued from February 21, 2017, meeting.

b. Reminder: there is still one available spot to attend the 23rd Annual Spring Planning and Zoning Conference on April 29, 2017, hosted by the NH Office of Energy and Planning. Please inform the office if you would like to attend. Here is the link to choose your sessions:

c. Discussion RE: the Town of Alton Subdivision Regulations

2. New Business:

a. Reminder: Workshop with the Alton Recreation Commission, March 23, 2017, at 7:00 pm, at Alton Town Hall, to learn about their trail plans and future recreation master planning efforts.

3. Approval of Minutes: February 21, 2017, Planning Board Meeting

4. Correspondence for the Board's action/review/discussion:

a. Memo dated March 7, 2017, from Nic Strong to Elizabeth Dionne, Town Administrator and the Board of Selectmen, regarding a letter from NH DOT informing the Lakes Region Planning Commission of Pavement Edge Markings.

b. Letter dated February 24, 2017, from Nic Strong to Dunkin Donuts regarding the traffic pattern for the delivery truck and an email dated March 7, 2017, with their response.

c. Letter dated February 27, 2017, from SFC Engineering to Nic Strong regarding Mountain View Estates Subdivision’s as-built.

5. Correspondence for the Board's information:

6. Any Other Business that may come before the Board:

Public Input on Non-Case Specific Local Planning Issues


David Collier, Planning Board Chairman


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