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Planning Board Meeting

Tuesday, June 20, 2017 - 6:00pm
Town of Alton

Call to Order

Approval of Agenda

Completeness Review of Application and Public Hearing if Application is Accepted as Complete

Case # P17-12, Map 12 Lot 63, Minor Site Plan
Rural (RU) Zone, 128 Powder Mill Road
Karen Anne Kimball

Proposal: To use the apartment over the garage as a home office for therapy practice. Clients will be coming to this office, one session at a time.

Case # P17-13, Map 2 Lots 23-1 & 23, Lot Line Adjustment
Rural (RU) Zone, Hollywood Beach Road
Steven M. Ferguson, LLS, Agent for Holmes Realty Trust, Richard T. Holmes, Trustee; and
Holmes Land Trust, Richard T. Holmes, Trustee

Proposal: To adjust the lot lines for Map 2 Lot 23-1 from 5 acres to 2.03 acres by a transfer of 2.97 acres to Lot 23. To adjust the lot lines for Map 2 Lot 23 from 24.2 acres to 27.2 acres with an increase of 2.97 acres from Lot 23-1.

Case # P17-14, Map 57 Lots 4 & 2-1, Lot Line Adjustment
Lakeshore Residential (LR) Zone, Woodlands Road
Randolph R. Tetreault, LLS, Agent for Marie V. Hebert Rev. Living Trust, Marie V. Hebert, Trustee; and
Boulders Shore, LLC, c/o Marie V. Hebert

Proposal: To adjust the lot lines for Map 57 Lot 4 from 48,660 s.f. to 48,099 s.f. by a transfer of 561 s.f. to Lot 2-1. To adjust the lot lines for Map 57 Lot 2-1 from 8,275 s.f. to 8,836 s.f. with an increase of 561 s.f. from Lot 4.

Other Business:

1. Old Business:

a. Distribution of Town of Alton Subdivision Regulations Amended April 18, 2017 and Town of Alton Excavation Regulations Amended April 18, 2017.

b. Discuss packet of info from the May meeting re: CIP.

2. New Business:

3. Approval of Minutes: May 16, 2017, Planning Board Meeting

4. Correspondence for the Board's review/discussion/action:

a. 1.) Letter from the American Legion dated 5/31/2017, to the Planning Office regarding their
request to appeal the construction plan for Right Field Development, LLC’s car wash facility.

2.) Draft letter to the Commander of the American Legion regarding Right Field
Development, LLC, and the American Legion, Right-of-Way, for the Board’s review, discussion, and action.

b. Memo from Nic Strong, Town Planner, dated 5/30/2017, asking which two members of the Planning Board will be sitting on the Zoning Amendment Committee.

c. Memo from Nic Strong, Town Planner, dated 6/1/2017, re: formatting amendments to the 2017 Zoning Ordinance.

d. Email from Peter Julia, P.E., dated 6/12/2017, to Nic Strong regarding the transfer of engineering firms to Brown Engineering, LLC, for the Jilyan Byrne Subdivision project.

5. Correspondence for the Board's information:

a. Letter from Peter Bolster, Chairman, dated 5/22/2017, to the Board of Selectmen requesting to remain full voting members of the Lakes Region Planning Commission and pay the dues of membership.

b. Email between Brad Jones, Kent Brown, Peter Julia, and Nic Strong dated 6/6/2017, and a proposed Roadway Plan regarding replacing loam and seed with Rip Rap on one section of Jaytee Drive, Jilyan Byrne Estates Subdivision.

c. Copy of a memo to the Town Administrator and Department Heads dated 5/31/2017, and a CIP packet regarding CIP, Plan of 2018-2023, which was distributed for their review/action.

d. Copy of NH DOT driveway permit for Scott Dulac/Dulac Motors, LLC. Site plans need to be signed.

e. An article, “Unique Greenhouse Cultivates Community, Planning Solutions”, from the Planning periodical put out by the American Planning Association, dated May 2017, regarding hydroponic vertical greenhouses.

f. An article, “Shipping-Container Homes Pose Zoning Challenges for Municipalities”, from the Planning periodical put out by the American Planning Association, dated May 2017, regarding shipping-container homes.

g. 1.) Article from the NHMA Legislative Bulletin, dated May 26, 2017, regarding “Airbnb
Bill Shreds Local Authority, Threatens Local Businesses”.
2.) Amended HB 654-FN, regarding an Act establishing a committee to study the regulation
and taxation of vacation rentals and short-term rentals, and relative to examinations of vacation and short-term rentals.
3.) Article on HB 654 regarding “Resolution on Short-Term Rentals?”
4.) Article from the Planning periodical put out by the American Planning Association, dated
May 2017, regarding “Regulating Short-Term Rentals”.

6. Any Other Business that may come before the Board:

Public Input on Non-Case Specific Local Planning Issues


Peter Bolster, Planning Board Chairman

Revised 6/14/2017

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