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Planning Board Meeting

Tuesday, February 20, 2018 - 6:00pm

Call to Order

Approval of Agenda

New Applications

Case # P18-01
Dean M. Clark, LLS, Agent for Richard R. Esson 2017 Trust/Richard R. Esson, and Donald & Beverly Esson
Map 80 Lot 26 & 27-1, Boundary Line Adjustment
Lakeshore Residential (LR), 88 & 96 Big Barndoor Island

Proposal: To adjust the lot line between Map 80 Lot 26 and Map 80 Lot 27-1, such as 1.36 acres is conveyed from Lot 27-1 to Lot 26.

Other Business:

1. Old Business:

2. New Business:

3. Approval of Minutes: January 16, 2018, Planning Board Meeting

4. Correspondence for the Board's review/discussion/action:
a. Email correspondence between Nic Strong, Jim Sessler, Esq., Town Counsel, and Thomas W. Varney, P.E., agent for Green Oak Realty Development, LLC/Coffin Brook Excavation Pit, Keith Babb, owner. Letter dated February 8, 2018, from Thomas W. Varney, P.E., to Nic Strong re: the proposed expansion of the pit.

5. Correspondence for the Board's information:
a. Letter dated January 18, 2018, from the Alton Board of Selectmen to Mr. Rich Ollari, Sedlari Construction, LLC, in regards to the process of accepting Sedlari Way.
b. Letter dated January 24, 2018, from John Dever, III, Code Official, to the American Legion in regards to a site plan requirement for a Commercial Function Facility.
c. Letter dated January 25, 2018, from Scott Williams to the Planning Board in regards to his excavation application.
d. Planning magazine article dated February 2018, re: Rethinking Parking Minimums.

6. Any Other Business that may come before the Board:
a. 24th Annual Spring Planning & Zoning Conference, Saturday, April 28, 2018, hosted by the NH Office of Strategic Initiatives. There are two available seats for Planning Board members, if you are interested, please inform the Planning Department.

Public Input on Non-Case Specific Local Planning Issues


Peter Bolster, Planning Board Chairman


Revised 2/16/2018

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