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Planning Board Meeting

Tuesday, August 20, 2019 - 6:00pm

Tuesday, August 20, 2019, at 6:00 p.m.
Call to Order

Appointment of Alternates

a. Appointment of Bob Regan, Alternate, as a regular voting member of the Planning Board.

Approval of Agenda

1. Completeness Review of Application and Public Hearing if Application is Accepted as Complete

Case #P19-16
Steven M. Oles, LLS, of Norway Plains Assoc., Inc., Agent for John P. & Kelly L. Tibbs and Andre B. & Shannon E. Chasse, Owners
22 & 30 Southview Lane, Map 14 Lots 19-5 & 19-6
Lot Line Adjustment, Lakeshore Residential (LR) Zone

Proposal: The boundary line is being reconfigured; acreage amounts (Lot 19-5 1.12ac. & Lot 19-6 1.63ac.) will remain the same and frontage will not be affected.

Case #19-17
Bradford Jones, LLS, of Jones & Beach Engineers, Inc., Agent for Leonard C. Gardner, Living Trust, Leonard C. & Jill N. Gardner Trustees; The Jill N. Gardner Living Trust, Leonard C. & Jill N. Gardner, Trustees; and George & Carol Stevens, Jr. & Michael Stevens, Owners
Echo Point & Trask Side Road, Map 41 Lots 33, 59, 35, & 36
Lot Line Adjustment, Lakeshore Residential (LR) Zone

Proposal: The boundary lines are being reconfigured as follows: Lot 32 increased from 0.46ac. to 1.80ac.; Lot 33 was 11.08ac. and is being consolidated amongst the other lots; Lot 35 increased from 0.34ac. to 5.85ac.; Lot 36 increased from 1.68ac. to 3.21ac.; Lot 59 increased from 1.96ac. to 4.67ac.

Case #19-18
Scott R. Frankiewicz, LLS, of NH Land Consultants, Agent for Joseph Petrucci & Joyce Greenlaw, Owners
34 Clay Point Road, Map 21 Lot 7-1
Final Minor Subdivision, Lakeshore Residential (LR) Zone

Proposal: To subdivide Lot 7-1 into two (2) lots that will consist of : Lot 7-1 will be 1.06ac. and Lot 7-1-1 will be 2.16ac.

Other Business:
1. Old Business:
a. Discussion with Paul George/Alton Bay Self Storage re: email dated August 14, 2019, regarding final inspections.
b. Continued discussion regarding Construction Observation Guidelines, Draft dated March 26, 2019.
c. Continued discussion regarding Site Plan Regulations, Draft dated May 29, 2019.

2. New Business:
a. Discussion on suggested amendment to the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Handbook to increase the threshold of items to $40,000.

3. Approval of Minutes: Planning Board meeting minutes of July 16, 2019; and
Special Meeting minutes of July 17, 2019

4. Correspondence for the Board's review/discussion/action:
a. Letter dated August 2, 2019, from Mike Vignale, P.E., KV Partners, LLC, re: Recommendation to release the Revegetation Site Restoration Bond for Dobbins Brook Phase I in the amount of $14,585. Received Restoration Bond for Dobbins Brook Phase II in the amount of $20,922.00.

5. Correspondence for the Board's information:
a. West Alton Marina:
• Letter dated March 13, 2019, received on July 22, 2019, from US Army Corps of Engineers, re: West Alton Marina’s approval of the discharge of dredged or fill material into waters or wetlands, and in-lieu-fee payment information due to the State of NH Aquatic Resource Mitigation (ARM) fund.
• Letter dated June 27, 2019, from NHDES, re: West Alton Marina’s Final Approval for their well water system.
• Final site plans were received July 22, 2019, and are awaiting three (3) septic design approvals from DES. Once that is complete, the plans can be signed, and a Pre-Construction meeting will be scheduled.
b. As-Built plans dated July 8, 2019, from Barndoor Development, LLC/True Harvest were signed by the Chairman on August 1, 2019.
c. Letter July 25, 2019, from NHDES, re: Subdivision approval granted for David & Tammy Roberts, 198 Old Wolfeboro Road.
d. Restoration Bond for Green Oak Realty Development, LLC, is due to expire on September 6, 2019, awaiting Continuation Certificate as of the date of posting this revised agenda.
e. Letter dated August 12, 2019, from Kevin Leonard, P.E., re: stormwater drainage review results for David Hussey’s solar project.
f. Updated Proposal from GMI dated 8-15-19, re: paving of Ridge Road.
g. Reminder re: September 4, 2019, NHMA webinar.

6. Any Other Business that may come before the Board:

Public Input on Non-Case Specific Local Planning Issues


Roger Sample, Planning Board Chairman


Revised 8/16/2019

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