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Planning Board Meeting

Tuesday, July 19, 2016 - 6:00pm

Tuesday, July 19, 2016
at 6:00 p.m.

Call to Order

Approval of Agenda

Completeness Review of Application and Public Hearing if Application is Accepted as Complete

1. P16-20 Map 17 Lot 2 & Map 13 Lot 9 Lot Line Adjustment
Steven Rollins & Society for the Protection of NH Forests Ames Road
Stephen P. Perron, LLS, agent, for Steven Rollins and The Society for the Protection of NH Forests, are proposing a Lot Line Adjustment between their two (2) separate parcels of land. The Society for the Protection of NH Forests owns 106.89 acres, Tax Map 13 Lot 9 and Steve Rollins owns 140.58 acres, Tax Map 17 Lot 2. The Brook Trail, one of the primary trails heavily used by hikers on Mt. Major, runs through both parcels. In an effort to secure public access to more of this trail and also to gain rights to repair and maintain this trail, the Forest Society and Steven Rollins are proposing to adjust their common boundary whereby the Forest Society will acquire an additional 21.90 acres from Steven Rollins. This property is located in the Rural (RU) Zone.

2. P16-21 Map 10 Lots 14-1 & 14-2 Lot Line Adjustment
Hunter Family Revocable Trust Avery Hill Road
On behalf of Bradley and Susan Hunter, Trustees of the Hunter Family Revocable Trust, Norway Plains Associates, Inc., is proposing a Lot Line Adjustment. Tax Map 10 Lot 14-1 is 734,807 s.f. or 16.87 acres in size. Tax Map 10 Lot 14-2, is 546,742 s.f. or 12.55 acres in size. The proposal includes the annexation of 602,948 s. f. or 3.03 acres from Lot 14-1 to Lot 14-2. This property is located in the Rural (RU) Zone.

3. P16-22 Map 8 Lot 45 Major Site Plan
Right Field Development 166 Wolfeboro Highway
Steven J. Smith & Associates, Inc., agent for Right Field Development, LLC., is proposing to re-develop the former site of Aetna Pumps. The proposed re-development will include a new two-bay car washing facility consisting of approximately 2,436 s.f., with the remaining 6,510 s.f. being proposed for future development. This property is located in the Residential Commercial (RC) Zone.

Other Business:
1. Old Business:
2. New Business:
a. Discussion on the Town of Alton Excavation Regulations, Working Draft 6.17.16, distributed at the June 21, 2016, Planning Board Meeting.
b. Discussion on the Town of Alton Subdivision Regulations, Working Draft 4.19.16, distributed at the April 19, 2016, Planning Board Meeting.
3. Approval of Minutes: June 21, 2016, Planning Board Meeting & June 27, 2016, Sandra Hammond, Major Subdivision Site Walk Minutes.
4. Correspondence for the Board's action/review/discussion:
5. Correspondence for the Board's information:
a. Letter to Ken Chase, from Nic Strong, dated June 22, 2016, re: Chestnut Cove Subdivision/Map 15 Lot 15/Ridge Road and Evans Hill Road.
6. Any Other Business that may come before the Board:

Public Input on Non-Case Specific Local Planning Issues

David Collier, Planning Board Chair

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