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Tuesday, March 16, 2021 - 6:00pm

Tuesday, March 16, 2021, at 6:00 P.M.

UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE: To keep the public, our members, and our staff safe, and to comply with RSA 91-A, the COVID-19 State of Emergency, and the Governor’s Orders on restrictions on public gatherings, the Town of Alton has moved from "in-person" meetings to "remote audio participation meetings”, therefore, providing each meeting to the public via a live audio conference. Please refer to “News and Announcements” on the Town’s website,, to locate the conference number to listen in via audio only, or to locate the link to connect via Zoom and register for a live video stream of the meeting in progress. You may also contact the office at, or by telephone at (603) 875-2162 between 8:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M., Monday - Friday, for the conference number and Zoom link for each meeting. We strongly encourage everyone attend our meetings remotely, but should you have a need to attend in person, we will make a remote location available upon a reservation request by you to this office NO LATER THAN TWO (2) BUSINESS DAYS in advance of the meeting date.


*Reminder: Any Other Business to Come Before the Board and Public Input on Non-case Specific
Planning Issues has been put on hold until further notice, as voted on at the May 12, 2020, Planning Board meeting. If the public has any input on those two items, they should contact the office to be scheduled at a future meeting.

Call to Order – by current Chairman

Application of Appointment
Application of Appointment to become an alternate of the Planning Board submitted by Thomas
Diveny dated February 4, 4021, for the Board’s consideration.

Approval of Agenda

1. Final Road Approval
Case # P03-07
Thomas W. Varney, P.E., Agent for Patricia Scribner, Owner
Map 16 Lot 19A, Laura Lane
Final Road Approval, Rural Zone (RU)
Proposal: To obtain final road approval for the subdivision located on Laura Lane.

2. Completeness Review of Application and Public Hearing if Application is Accepted as Complete
Case #P21-03
Steve Oles, LLS, Agent for Anthony & Deanna Eldridge, Owners
Map 15 Lot 13, NH Route 28 and Old Wolfeboro Rd.
Final Minor Subdivision, Residential Rural (RR) Zone
Proposal: To subdivide Map 15 Lot 13 into two (2) lots of record. The parent lot would consist of 2.68 AC, and the subdivided lot would consist of 2.84 AC.

Case #P21-04
Paul Zuzgo, LLS, of Prospect Mountain Survey, Agent for Alan J. Baumann Jr. 2013 Trust, c/o Alan Joseph Baumann Jr., Ttee; Jacueline D. Gough; Gateway Trust, c/o A.J. Baumann Jr., Ttee; and W&W Ralph Trust, LLC, c/o Scott Williams, Owners
Map 7 Lot 2, Map 4 Lot 7, Map 8 Lots 1-4 & 3-14, Halls Hill Rd. and Fallon Way
Lot Line Adjustment, Rural (RU) Zone
Proposal: To adjust lot lines for four (4) lots of record, with Map 7 Lot 2 adjusted from 855 AC to 895 AC, Map 4 Lot 7 adjusted from 85.8 AC to 50.78 AC, Map 8 Lot 1-4 adjusted from 10 AC to 5.09 AC, and Map 8 Lot 3-14 adjusted from 14.25 AC to 14.16 AC.

Case P21-05
Paul Zuzgo, LLS, of Prospect Mountain Survey, Agent for Gregory A. Ward, Owner
Map 12 Lot 61, 122 Powder Mill Road
Design Review for Major Subdivision, Rural (RU) Zone
Proposal: To subdivide Map 12 Lot 61 into four (4) lots of record, with Lot 1 consisting of 11.88 AC, Lot 2 consisting of 3.1 AC, Lot 3 consisting of 4.82 AC, Lot 4 consisting of 2.9 AC.

Case P21-06
James Rines, LLS, of White Mountain Survey & Engineering, Inc., Agent for George E. Freese, III, Rev. Trust/ George E. Freese, III, Ttee.; Capitola, Inc., c/o Greg Kneeland; Jessie & Jeffrey A. Goebel; and Constance Matheson & Dorothy Binswanger, Owners
Map 11 Lot 31 & Map 35 Lots 19, 22, 22A, NH Route 28A
Lot Line Adjustment, Rural (RU) Zone
Proposal: To adjust the common boundary line of the four lots so that the three smallest lots increase in size and get their improvements wholly on their lots and the largest lot, Map 11 Lot 31, remains in excess of the minimum lot size. (Continued to the April 20, 2021 Planning Board meeting.)

Other Business:
1. Old Business:
a. Memo dated February 9, 2021, from Jessica A. Call, Town Planner, to the Planning Board re: Follow up on Mark & Megan Farrell’s Voluntary Lot Merger
b. Letter dated January 21, 2021, from the Alton Conservation Commission to NHDOT, re: NHDOT West Alton Brook Bridge Maintenance, Project #43075
2. New Business:
a. Update from the Master Plan Committee; Q&A
b. Town Engineer contracts for 2021; Review draft RFP
3. Approval of Minutes:
a. Planning Board meeting minutes of October 20, 2020; November 17, 2020; December 15, 2020; and January 19, 2021
b. Planning Board workshop minutes of January 12, 2021
4. Correspondence for the Board's review/discussion/action:
a. Board to release remaining escrow funds in the amount of $361.64 for JOBEAN, LLC, for construction observations on the Redi-Rock wall design at 5 Homestead Place.
b. Memo received February 24, 2021, from the Board of Selectmen re: Tax-deeded properties up for auction in 2021.
c. NH OSI 27th Annual Spring Planning and Zoning Conference to be held on Saturday, May 15, 2021. The Department’s budget allows for two (2) members to attend.
d. 2021 Annual Town Election Results
5. Correspondence for the Board's information:
a. 2021 Zoning Ordinance with Zoning map.

Election of Officers for 2021 – 2022
Appointment of Alternates
William O’Neil, 2-year term
Lee Hillsgrove, 3-year term

Drew Carter, Planning Board Chairman

*If there is foul weather, lack of a quorum, or the public on a whole cannot electronically obtain access to the public hearing, the public hearing will be continued to Tuesday, April 20, 2021, starting at 6:00 P.M. at the Alton Town Hall.

**All meetings will last no longer than 10:30 P.M., with no new cases or hearings starting after 10:00 P.M., unless extended by a majority vote of the members present. Any items remaining as unfinished business on the agenda will be given priority on the agenda of the next meeting.


Posted 3/5/2021

Revised 3/12/2021

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