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Alarm System Permits

If you have installed an alarm system at your residence in Alton, we request that you complete an Information/Permit sheet. It is imperative that this form be thoroughly completed and should include as much detail as possible, particularly for the location and description of your property. It is also important to indicate your contact person(s), as this information is not provided by alarm monitoring companies over the phone. The contact person should have a key to the property and be readily available to respond after an officer has checked your residence in order to disconnect, shut off or reset the alarm system.

You must advise us in writing if you do not want the Police Department to respond to your alarm activation. There are a number of property owners who have arranged for another person to respond to their residence, rather than the police. We need to have those instructions on record.

Please review the Town Ordinance concerning false alarm activations [which was amended on July 25, 2005]. Section 3 describes the fees that will be charged for false alarms and Section 4 explains the appeal process. Should you receive an invoice for false alarm responses, you must pay the balance due, according to the Ordinance. If you fail to pay the balance, you could be issued a Violation, which will result in a fine imposed by the Court. If your balance remains outstanding, the Police Department will NOT RESPOND to an alarm activation at your residence until your balance is cleared.

Any time your information changes, we should be notified immediately so that we can send you a new form to complete.

Any appeal or grievance regarding false alarms or fees, should be directed to the Board of Selectmen.

Please submit an Information/Permit form as soon after your alarm system is installed or initiated. Your cooperation will help us to serve you better.

Note: You may obtain a Permit form in this Website 'Forms' section. If you have any questions in completing this form, please feel free to contact us.

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