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Belknap Special Operations Group

Over the past several years there has been a nationwide increase in the number of school and workplace active shooter situations as well as the current threat of terrorism, after the events of September 11, 2001. Locally, shooting incidents in town halls, bomb threats and shootings in schools, and the murders of several individuals and Police Officers in Colebrook NH, have ranked among the top social concerns of our time. Critical incidents, such as these, combined with limited equipment and resources, pose a serious dilemma for most small town Police Departments.

Law Enforcement Agencies across the Country and across the State of New Hampshire have recognized the need for pro-active and reactionary plans to respond to and stop active shooter situations, and to assist patrol Officers in an effective controlled response to high risk and critical incidents. A successful solution for smaller agencies has been the development of Regional Response Teams which have the ability to handle dangerous situations and emergencies that might arise in their community.

The Belknap Regional Special Operations Program has been created to provide Law Enforcement in Belknap County with a highly trained, specialized team of Officers prepared to handle high risk situations beyond the realm of routine patrol operations, and to control and apprehend criminals. In addition, this program will also provide to patrol Officers throughout the County with classroom instruction and in-service practical training opportunities in topics such as: close quarter combat, hostage situations, barricaded subjects and critical incident response.

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