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Child Seat | Seatbelt Safety

New Hampshire Law [RSA 265:107-a) requires all children under age 18 to be properly restrained when riding in a vehicle. A child must use an approved child safety restraint until the child is 6 years of age or 55 inches tall (whichever is reached first). - [Effective: Jan 1, 2004]

Ways to Protect Your Child...

Rear facing Infant Seat: use for an infant from birth to 20-22 lbs.

Convertible Seat: use rear-facing for a child from birth to at least 20 lbs and 1 year old.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends babies be kept in rear-facing seats until they reach the maximum weight and height allowed by the manufacturer of the car seat.

Convertible Seat: use forward-facing for a child at least 1 year old weighing between 20-40 lbs.

Forward-facing Child Safety Seat: use for a child at least 1 year old and weighing between 20-40 lbs.

Belt position Booster Seat: use when the child weighs between 40-100 lbs. Must be used with a lap and shoulder belt. This seat positions the child so the seat belt fits properly.

Safety Belt: use when the child can ride with safety belt fitting properly. The lap portion should rest on the top of the thighs and the shoulder portion between the neck and shoulder.

The shoulder belt should never be placed behind a child's back or under the arm. Using the seat belt this way, your child could be seriously injured or killed in a crash.

All children 12 years and under should ride in the back seat.

[Note: Replace any car safety seat that has been in a serious crash.]

{For further information call the NH Child Passenger Safety Program #1-877-783-0432}
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