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K-9 Officer

The Alton Police Department K-9 Unit is established to provide a trained dog and handler team to assist in all aspects of police work. The dog may be utilized to track individuals or suspects, to locate missing persons, to conduct building searches, to assist in the apprehension or detection of criminals, to conduct crime scene searches, and as a deterrent effect in certain situations.

A Police K-9 handler, in addition to his/her routine assigned duties as a Patrol Officer, shall be responsible for the following additional K-9 duties:
Routine field and building searches when on duty.

  • Assist outside law enforcement official when authorized by the Chief of Police or Division Commander.
  • Determine the proper tactical deployment of the dog in those situations where the use of the dog is appropriate.
  • Training with and care of the dog and any equipment assigned to the animal or handler.
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