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Prescription Drug Disposal Program

The purpose of the "Prescription Drug Disposal Program" is to:

  • allow the public the opportunity to return prescription drugs for disposal
  • combat prescription drug fraud and unauthorized possession of prescription drugs (narcotics)
  • assist local medical agencies, clinics and hospitals in turning in unused, not needed or old prescription narcotic drugs
  • provide a location in which the drugs can be turned in with assurance that the drugs will be destroyed
  • minimize the allowance of waste in the form of pollutants/pesticides into our environment

In order to make this program a success, the Alton Police Department’s policy is to accept unwanted drugs any time during normal business hours at the station. Simply bring in the unwanted items in the original container, if possible. You are welcome to black out any personal information with a marker (we will provide one in the lobby if needed) on prescription bottles, but please try not to remove any of the information relating to the type of drug and dosage amount. Having the specific medication details helps us speed up the inventory process we have to complete for accountability. If for some reason you cannot get to the station during normal business hours feel free to contact us by phone and we will try to accommodate your needs.

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