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Request for Private Detail

When your business, organization or as an individual need to obtain the services of an off-duty Police Officer for assignments at events, work requiring traffic control, crowd control or security, you will need to complete a Request for Private Detail form. You can obtain a form from our website or directly at the Police Dept during our business office hours (M-F 8a-5p).

The rates for private details are as follows:

  • detail rate is $48.00 per hour [with a minimum of 4 hours] + a cruiser rate of $18.00 per hour (unless otherwise waived)
  • a 21.85% Administrative Fee is applied to the total charges accrued
  • a 12-hour cancellation notification is required (per block); otherwise a 4-hour minimum will apply
  • You will be billed for a cruiser if it is determined to be necessary by a Police Dept Supervisor for the safety of the assigned Officer or the public.

Further, if you are a business or contractor performing work that will cause a hazard to the general public or requires detouring traffic around a work site, the Town of Alton has adopted, in it's Highway Polices, that you are required to hire an Officer. Please acquire a Private Detail Request no sooner than 7 days prior to the scheduled work. The Police Chief has the authority to waive certain requirements, depending on the work site location.

Important Note: The Alton Police Dept cannot guarantee the availability of our Dept Officer(s); therefore, we may need to request the assistance of surrounding town Law Enforcement Agencies with whom we hold a Mutual Aid Agreement. Please be aware that this Department invoices for our Officer's hours only, and we cannot guarantee or control the detail rates of outside agencies.

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