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School Resource Officer

The Alton Police Department employs a School Resource Officer whose responsibilities include: having direct contact with Prospect Mountain Regional High School and Alton Central School students, parents, guardians and school officials in order to educate, preserve the peace, protect persons and property in the school community and enforce state laws and local ordinances.

The School Resource Officer abides by School Board Policies and consults with and coordinates activities through the school administration, but will remain responsible to the Alton Police Department relating to employment. Any course of instruction offered by the School Resource Officer must be in compliance with the policies and procedures of the school administration.

The School Resource Officer is a Police Officer answerable only to the Police Department. The SRO works in cooperation with the Detective and Prosecutor to efficiently handle juvenile prosecutions. During school vacations and the summer months the SRO augments the Patrol Division.

The School Resource Officer is primarily responsible for working within the school system to enforce the laws while promoting a safe, drug free, bully free environment, thereby enhancing the educational experience. The SRO is also responsible for building relationships between students, faculty, staff and the Alton Police Department.

The School Resource Officer must be motivated to work with youths and have the ability to gain the respect of adolescents and teenagers, while holding them accountable for their actions. The SRO must have the unique ability to perform the functions of a law enforcement officer, educator and counselor while becoming an integral member of the school community.

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