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Halloween Hours 5PM to 7PM and Guidelines

Saturday, October 31, 2020 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm

Town of Alton
Trick or Treat
October 31 from 5pm-7pm

In an effort to maintain safety during a state of emergency and pandemic; please
consider the following guidance for trick or treating.
For those participating in giving out treats:
 Only give out candy in original wrappers
 Give items outdoors, preferably on a table, keeping 6-foot distancing, or
while behind a storm door, replace treats between groups
 Do not hand out treats directly to visitors
 Do not place treats in a community bowl
 Put out hand sanitizer for trick or treaters to use if able
 Use of a protective mask is strongly encouraged
For those participating as trick or treaters:
 Stay in small groups, preferably with members of your family only
 Do not enter homes
 Avoid crowded areas
 Carry and use hand sanitizer, use of gloves is not recommended
 It is recommended to wear a protective mask (this could become part of
your costume)
 Only go to homes that have indicated they are participating in the event
 If you are uneasy of the way treats are being delivered, skip the house and
move on
Please remember these are guidelines and not rules. The safety of our citizens is
extremely important to us. If there are any questions, please look to the CDC for
further guidance. As always on Halloween make sure your costume is safe from
tripping, have an adult with your group, and carry a flashlight. The Town of
Alton Emergency Management Team looks forward to a safe and fun

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