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Regretfully, the Alton Police Department is no longer able to trade or handout patches. We are truly honored that so many people are seeking a symbol of our agency, but we just can’t keep up. The costs associated with replacing the patches is not something the agency can absorb any longer. In order to address the issue, The Alton Police Association has purchased a number of brand new patches from our vendor. If you would like a patch please send a request to the Alton Police Association at Po Box 240 Alton, NH 03809 with $6.00 and a new patch will be mailed to you.

A message from the Chief of Police, Ryan Heath.

Welcome to the Alton New Hampshire Police Dept Website. I hope that you find it both helpful and informational.

It has always been my personal belief that Law Enforcement needs to embrace community policing and what it has to offer communities such as Alton. It is my goal therefore to create a departmental philosophy throughout the agency based on the principles of community policing.

Our agency will actively pursue a strong relationship with all aspects of the community forming partnerships with the common goal of a safe and pleasant place to live and visit. This will be accomplished through professional leadership, strategic planning, continuous training, and community based programs.

Our agency will continuously strive to reach the highest levels of integrity and ethics while performing our day to day services. We value community feedback and will use it to direct resources in the right areas and develop new services to target problem areas.

I will continuously work with our employees to provide them with the best leadership, training, and equipment to more effectively serve the Alton community and its diverse tourist population to make this an enjoyable environment for all.

Thank you for your support,

Ryan L. Heath
Chief of Police

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